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Are the Digg Patriots really patriotic?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) August 24th, 2010

An internal investigation at the top Social News site, has revealed that a well organized group of hundreds of like-minded far right wingers had been conspiring to drive certain members from the site, bury all progressive news stories, and push any stories approved by the far right immediately to Digg’s Front Page where the stories are sure to get national recognition. is the 50th highest traffic site in the USA and stories on its front page often crash the server where the original story is hosted.

The folks gaming the system call themselves the Digg Patriots. They numbered at least 200 individuals and each kept numerous sock puppets so that one person could cast many votes on each article. They had also been involved in online stalking of progressives they targeted and even issuing threats of violence to any who question them. The group was banned for life from Digg but its members all had other identities already established. They are like zombies, refusing to stay in the grave.

Why don’t these people recognize that such brownshirt (AKA Sturmabteilung or SA) behavior is the anathema of patriotism. They do not support democracy. They support only lockstep compliance with right-wing ideology and talking points. Why don’t they recognize that the lockstep, one party rule they are busy trying to institute is the very foundation of tyranny? Or do they know exactly what they are doing. The Nazi SA certainly did. They meant to take over and institute far-right Fascist rule in Germany, and after the infamous Night of the Long Knives rampage, that is just their leader, Adolph Hitler, did.

So are the Digg Patriots really patriotic? Are they coming here? How will we handle them if they do?

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@kevbo Drat. I searched to see if this had been covered. Obviously my own memory banks were balnked out on it.

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No worries. I just thought the same as you when I saw the story. What a bunch of useful idiots.

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