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What are the details of the Thai cave rescue?

Asked by LostInParadise (25340points) July 10th, 2018

It is good to hear that everyone was rescued, though one of the people involved in the rescue died.

The articles I have seen about this are rather sketchy. Did they have any food? Two weeks is a long time to go without eating. Did the early rescuers bring any food for those remaining? I assume they drank water from their surroundings. How were the people rescued? Did someone dive to their area with scuba tanks, and were then followed to the exit? Why couldn’t everyone be rescued at once?

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This is the best description I have seen. By Reuters.

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Thanks all. That is a lot more information than I got from NPR.

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Except Reuters also mistakenly said they initially rescued 6 boys on the first day, instead of 4…

One of the kids had a birthday in there (on the first day, I think,) and I guess several of the boys brought snacks to celebrate, and that helped them out until they were discovered and food and fresh water could be brought to them. You can live 2 weeks with little to no food. Water is a different story…but Lord, they had water!

They couldn’t be rescued all at once because it’s a 5 hour trip, and they had to stock supplies all along the escape route. They determined they could only do about 4 at a time.

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@RocketGuy‘s article is really, really good.

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What I couldn’t understand at first is why they were waiting 10 to 20 hours between rescues. Well, because they did have to stock up supplies, including new air tanks up and down the passage way. One way takes 5 hours so, that explains it.

What floored me is the amount if misinformation that was passed around!

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Also, they took the boys out in order of their health. They took the least healthy ones out first, on Sunday, the next four on Monday, then the last group today.

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Unfortunately a former Thai Navy SEAL died during the operation couple of days back. Here’s the link

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I had heard they took the most healthy out first, which seemed counterintuitive, except I thought maybe the first attempt they wanted the most likely to be able to make it. I thought maybe the first few times would help them be able to overcome things they hadn’t expected. But, now others are saying it was the least healthy first.

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So much misinformation on the news. I can’t wait to hear the entire true story.

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I wonder if we’ll ever get 100% correct information? I think once they’re all out safely the news will move on.

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@JLeslie Other way around. They took the weakest out first.

@chyna One of the most persistent bits of misinformation is that they were taking the boys out in twos. No. They weren’t. Each of the boys had two divers with them. They referred to the divers as the “buddy system.” But the rumor persists. I just heard a reporter today who is in Thailand covering the story say, “They got the boys out two by two in a buddy system.” This wasn’t Noah’s Ark, people.

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Maybe we will hear more details when the movie comes out.
Hollywood producers head to Thai cave rescue site. Plan blockbuster movie.

“two Hollywood producers are beginning a project telling the boys’s story. The managing partner of the Pure Flix film company, Michael Scott, told the AAP news agency that he sees the flooded cave saga “as a major Hollywood film with A-list stars.”

Scott and co-producer Adam Smith have reportedly been conducting interviews around the rescue site, where more than 1,000 Thai personnel have been joined by dozens of international specialists for the operation. They hope to interview the Thai Navy Seal divers and their foreign counterparts, as well as the rescued team members and their families. Once exclusive rights to the story are secured, the company hopes to work with a screenwriter to bring the tale to life.”

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^ you mean to say Hollywood portrays only truth and nothing but the truth in the movies..)

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I have mixed feelings about the movie. It is good to see the story being told, but upsetting to see that someone wants to make a quick buck from it.

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The boys were sedated before the divers brought them out to prevent them from panicking. There is a lot of detail about the rescue here and here

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They were part of a soccer team right? Made me think of that Andes plane crash so many years ago. That was awful. I watched the movie, I already knew the story though.

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They were a soccer team.

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