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How can people stomach when they believe one thing and discover that it is the opposite? Really?

Asked by luigirovatti (601points) July 17th, 2018

As asked.

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Most people live in denial, denial, denial.

Even when the thing they are defending is spelling out plainly that they are, or did, the opposite, and explain and defend their position.

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Have to swallow ones pride to change to the new understanding.

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I figured it out along time ago. Take heath for example.

I had a doctor I believed in implicitly. Until I realized I’ve been had. First reaction was anger and humiliation. It took a long time to get over it.

Now I rarely believe what I’m told on the surface. I look at everything Side A is telling me. Then I look at everything they have to say about the other guys they don’t like (Side B). Then I turn the tables and do the same thing with side B. This can take years, because not only are they each promoting their own agendas and slamming the other guy, but then politics and the media get involved too.

It’s a game of smoke and mirrors. So you do all the research you can, interview as many people as are willing to be interviewed, and finally pick one option and go for it. You might be disappointed and have to regroup, or you may find a whole new world open to you.

It doesn’t pay to take yourself too seriously, so have fun and enjoy the ride!

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I love when that happens. It means that I’ve learned something new.

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There are times when this happens and it’s very disconcerting! I pull up my socks and go forward with the new information. And, there are times when it is an absolute delight!

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People are extraordinarily resilient.

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Some welcome it openly, others don’t. Facts speak for themselves but opinions are like assholes.

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