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Can you come up with political portmanteaus?

Asked by rebbel (27833points) July 19th, 2018

Not sure if this takes off, but one can try.
For those few of you that don’t know what that is, a portmanteau:

1. a large travelling bag, typically made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts.
2. a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others, for example motel or brunch.

We will use the second definition.

When I thought about this question I had American politics in mind, but of course it doesn’t have to be that.

I hope a clever Jelly can start this one off with an inspirational one!

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Trump + idiot = Tridiot

Hillary + Nefarious = Hillarious

Gerrymandering + Republican = Gerrycan

Tea Party + Proletarian = Totalitarian

Senator + Auditorium = Sanatorium

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@elbanditoroso Got the horrible answer nailed again I see :D

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That’s good @@elbanditoroso!

Trump=Horse Stable Genius. Wait. That wasn’t right….

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Trumpster – The place where they throw out the President’s garbage..

Berniecrat – Oh wait – that’s been done!

Muellertime – When the shit is going to finally hit the fan. (You have to know beer ads for that one.)

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Angelarepose – Merkel’s naptime

Macroneconomics – For France

PeeU – The future of the European Common Union

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Sputinick….? IDK. Someone else has to figure out what it means.

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Trumpus…........... The confusion caused by an incompetent president
Washington BC… The nation’s capital with Trump in charge.

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Mayhem – the chaos around Brexit caused by the current Prime Minster.

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Trumputin – The Russian POTUS.

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♪ That’s why I’m goin’ to portmanteaus! That’s really really where I’m going to! ♪

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Trumpanzee: Orange coloured ape.

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Trumpbarrassment – What some of Trump’s supporters are starting to feel

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@LostInParadise One can only hope.

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