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When the bear attacked the car, why didn't these guys drive away instead of sitting there honking their horn?

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They didn’t want to hurt the bear. He was on their car.

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If a grizzly bears, off i go,joe !

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A black bear can do just as much damage, @joab.

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Instead of letting the fur fly, they chose to grin and bear it. Their Yogi always taught them to be peaceful.

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@cookieman they didn’t want to make a Booboo…

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Ha ha ha.
Sorry…if I was that terrified I sure as hell would be rolling. I might just idle until the bear got off the car but I’d be moving.

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According to the article…“visitors are told to blow their horn if they are in danger” They felt they were in danger so they blew their horn awaiting HELP that never came. The park rangers said they never heard a horn blow so it seems to be a we said/they said type of situation.

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~It’s illegal to drive while using your phone and they were busy taking videos.

They decided it was more important to stand still and take a video that might go viral.

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Yes, I read that. I still would have driven away. Honking and driving.

@LuckyGuy I suspect the same.

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