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Would you (yeah, you) be participating in a renewed mug shot cabinet?

Asked by rebbel (33252points) July 29th, 2018

In the past (I’m talking about 7 or 8 years ago, I think) we had a mug shot gallery, hosted on an image sharing website.
I can’t remember which one that was, and I also don’t know if that one is still up?
In case it isn’t, would you be willing to participate in making a new one?
The make up of the members pool has changed significantly over the years, so it might be fun to see who’s who (again)?
What say you?

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I would.

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<<<< Aww…go on then!

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At the risk of being boring, no.

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Hrmmm, that didn’t fly well….. :-)
Luckily @chyna and I already know what we look like, so there seem to be no need to open a gallery after all.
Thanks to those who answered, and also to those that didn’t!

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I would have. I think the previous gallery was on flicker.

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I’ll take part. Can I see the old one? Pretty please?

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Sure. You know how to download my profile picture.

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@Brian1946 I see a bunch of photos of younger men and women, or were you the man with the big fish?

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The person with the big fish is rooeytoo.

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So this is an album of all the faces here? Is your face there too? :D

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Why can’t we save some time and effort and just use a real picture on our accounts for a week or something?

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<<Psstt, that is me.
I like that idea, good thinking!
It’ll have to be announced, I think, for it to reach as many as possible Jellies.
Maybe in a dedicated post.

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I don’t think a photo of any jelly who joined after 2010 is in that album.

My face isn’t in there, because it’s still attached to the front of my skull. ;-D

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I’d be willing to participate. I might need to be walked through how to share a photo though. I have not been able to post links on my phone before….

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Yeah, an account on a photo host would be nice for everyone.

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OK, I was wrong. It was photobucket.

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Wow. Memory Lane.

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Their is an old one in FaceBook . I recognized one person. From real life.

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I’ll definitely join in!

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I will join in too.

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I’ll do it, too.

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<<<<< Me in a completely natural ”oh, did you take a photo” pose.

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