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Can you help me choose a glass table cover?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (13031points) August 7th, 2018

I have a new sideboard that I plan to use for buffet meal service. I’m going to cover the piece’s top with glass, to protect its wood from spills, heat damage, etc. I’ve never purchased this sort of thing and hope someone might be knowledgeable.

1) Should I get tempered glass, or is annealed glass sufficient for this purpose?

2) Do I need .25 in/.635 cm thickness, or can I go with something thinner?

I’m aware that I can visit any glass shop and ask these questions. But, I’d rather not take advice from someone who has an incentive to upsell. It would be great if a Jelly handyman (or handywoman!) could share some information.

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Get tempered glass, 3/8”, waterfall edge. Will be very nice.

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I think I’d go 3/8, tempered, flat edge. But, the edge really depends on your decor in the room, a beveled might be more appropriate or the waterfall as suggested above. You could go as thin as .25 since it’s on top of wood.

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Tempered glass – is stronger, and if you break it, it becomes small cubes with sharp edges. Easy to clean up with a broom. Annealed glass – is cheaper, but if you break it, it becomes long sharp shards. Need to pick up with heavily gloved hands.

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