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Will you get up tonight to see the Perseid Meteor shower?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40077points) August 12th, 2018

I usually get up around 2am for a bathroom visit. Tonight, rather than getting back under the covers I will go outside and hopefully see a few meteors!
Will you?
Perseid Meteor Shower

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I would. I hope that the smoke clears from the forest fires.

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It’ll depend on weather conditions.

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No. At 2am Eastern I am in deep communion with my pillow.

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I’ve set an alarm, but I’m known to change personality when awoken in the middle of the night by alarms.
Here they’re best visible around 3 AM, that is, not counting the light pollution.

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Nah, just checked the sky, and the forecast, but it is, and remains, cloudy….
Better luck to you guys.

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I’ll set my alarm, but I’ll probably just turn it off.

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I’m going to stay up and give it a shot. I looked last night without any luck. I didn’t stay out too long though.

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I went out at 10:55, sprayed myself with DEET, and sat in a reclining chair for 20 minutes. I saw 3 good ones. I’ll nap on the porch and go out again when I need to get up for a bathroom visit.

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I just walked to the store and back. Didn’t see anything yet.

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Walked over to a nearby park. I hung out for almost an hour. Not a lot of activity, but saw one of the top 50, or so. That I’ve seen. I’ve seen a LOT. I have almost always worked at night, and have seen maybe. ....... 350…

I saw a nice blue tipped, white tailed one, from, uhhh probably the SE, and close to what appeared to be a red planet, maybe Mars, Venus?.. Probably landed in New England, or something, as a pebble… Or, more likely burned up…

I started to realize that I was being assaulted by mosquitoes. And I ran out of “meteor watching juice.”(Gatorade and vodka….)

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@MrGrimm888 That red planet to the south east was Mars.
The sky clouded up for me so i did not see any more.

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I turned my alarm off and missed it.

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@chyna But you enjoyed your sleep! Wasn’t that worth it?

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Sorry forgot and fell into a deep sleep.

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@luckyguy it was!

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I was kinda disappointed. I walked to a very dark abandoned bridge a few years ago, and laid on my back. I saw dozens, in like an hour and a half.

I’m pretty close to the ocean, on a clear night, you can stare out that way, and usually see one.

I saw an amazing one, when I was about 18. It was in the daytime. Massive blue, and green, with a white tail that stretched the entire horizon. I still believe that if that one hit somewhere, it would have been really bad.

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