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Assigning F keys to tasks?

Asked by NoahD (99points) August 19th, 2008

Heres my situation: I just picked up an Apple keyboard to run with my pc (I’m stuck here until the new macbooks come out) because I love they way they type and I needed a new keyboard. Is there a way to assign the F keys to different things that would function in programs where those keys weren’t assigned to specific functions. Particularly, I want my F10, F11, & F12 to work as they would on a mac (mute, volume down & volume up respectively)

Anyone know how to do this or know of a program that would allow such tasks?

Oh, and, while I’m asking – any way to make Command function as CTRL? I’ve been using macs so much lately that its now habit to hit Command-C or Command-V, etc. instead of CTRL.


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Yah, you can swap Ctrl and Command.

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BTW, I’m not saying that that’s a good idea. I suggest getting used to it…

This mapping problem is compounded by the fact that these keys do different things. Command on the Mac takes on the GUI and action duties from both Control and Alt on the PC. Alt and Ctrl stay true to their original uses, modifying the result of other keypresses and sending control codes, respectively.

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