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Final Cut Studio 2 Numerical Pad?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) September 11th, 2008

Hi! I’m about to order Final Cut Studio 2. I was thinking about getting a wireless keyboard, but are there any real benefits of having a numerical pad with the Final Cut Studio 2 package? I use the numbers above the letters more than the numerical pad, so that doesn’t influence my decision. But are there any special tasks you do using the numerical pad that you can’t do otherwise?

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Entering SMPTE time code, or any numerical data; and

Nudging region clips using the +/- keys just above the Enter Key.

I’m on my iPhone but suggest you can google “final cut keyboard shortcuts” or go to Apple’s support knowledge base you’ll find what your looking for.

Personally I would consider one of those multi-color coded keyboards with the shortcuts labeled on them, you can find at most pro video retailers (B&H, full compass, etc.). They’re wired though FYI.

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P.A. Also a Mighty Mouse!

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