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Making clear eyeglass lenses into sunglasses - who? where?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24735points) August 19th, 2018

I have an older pair of glasses (clear glass). They are sort of my ‘spare pair’.

Some time ago I heard about a service where some company would take the lenses out, immerse the lense in some tint of some sort, which would, essentially, make sunglasses. My recollection is that the dipping service was cheap – maybe $10/lens – far less than buying a new pair of prescription sunglasses.

But I have no idea who does this sort of service. Any suggestions?

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Most opticians do this. I would check at a warehouse club – if you belong to one – or a local optometrist should be able to hook you up with an optician.

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We just leave them with our optician and get both pairs back

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I think the lenses need to be plastic, the color is added to the surface of the plastic.

Glass lenses will not work.

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