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How do you feel about the Hugo Award winners?

Asked by Caravanfan (3971points) August 20th, 2018

The Hugo Award winners were announced last night (I was at the ceremony). Many great authors were honored. How do you feel about the nominees and winners? Who do you like to read?

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Holy shit. Wonderwoman won over Blade Runner 2049 and Get Out?
This is some Oscar level bullshit.

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Awards are mostly bought by production executive types with no soul.
Also, the Hugo trophy looks rather like Buzz Aldrin’s dildo.

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@ragingloli The Hugos aren’t nearly as important for movies or TV shows as they are for books Honestly, I don’t even know why they bother

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Thanks for posting the list, @Caravanfan, I will be reading a number of these!

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@ucme No. These awards are voted by the fans and fans alone.

Also, your comment about the trophy is unkind. It is a finned rocket with a design that dates back from the 50s.

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I stopped paying attention to them some years ago. They were in the UK a few years back and I met up with friends, but we all decided it was disappointing. A nice excuse to catch up with friends, but the awards really hold no merit anymore. It’s become ‘The MTV Teen Choice Awards’ (we all laughed at that one.)

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@ScienceChick I became disappointed in the Hugos when American Gods beat Perdido Street Station. But I still paid attention. There has been a lot of criticism about how the Hugos have been handled in the past and it has gotten extremely political.

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“It is a finned rocket with a design that dates back from the 50s.”
that is the joke

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@ragingloli It is a very bad one.

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Haha, you just fuckin validated my entire point :D

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You attended a pissant award show & got offended because I rightly took the piss out of the awful trinket they deem worthy to dish out…a sobering thought it’s true, but one i’m sure you can handle.

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You’re right. It was my mistake in expecting an intelligent discussion when I asked this question.

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