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Can I get pregnant from having semen on my skirt even if my lining is not broken?

Asked by adelismyname (1points) August 19th, 2008
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Not unless your real name is Mary… :-)

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You mean your own or someone else’s?

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No, you can’t. You can only become pregnant from unprotected sex and even then it’s not 100%. Don’t worry about it.

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You may have skipped that day of class. Sperm is deliberately shot into a vagina and swims it’s happy ass off through your Fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg.

It is not possible to absorb sperm through osmosis and get knocked up. Also, I understand that sperm dies once it’s had time in oxygen, as it would resting and drying up on your skirt.

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I’m just scared that there’s a topic called Dry Humping. I thought we were sophisticated up in here!

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Also, what’s not broken? The lining of your shirt, or YOUR lining?

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I’m 37. I’m truly trying to remember the last time I even said “dry humping.”

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@stratman37 I’m actually quite impressed with the tagging on this question.
Oh wait, it showed up in questions for me… uh oh…

It’s a valid question, though. While extremely unlikely (even more unlikely with the situation you described) you can get pregnant without penetration.

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Not likely, Monica.

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Maybe by “lining” she means “hymen”. How would the lining of her skirt be “broken”?

Is adel’s name really…. zack?? Zack’s lining: broken.

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