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Any Ideas?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 19th, 2008

I started a Young Democrats at my high school and i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on fundraising or activites for the club to do. I am already arranging a voter registration drive, but if you have any other ideas of things to do throughout the school year i would really appriciate it.

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You should definitely invite a local democratic official to come speak.

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ya i already have plans to do that, my dad is a lawyer and knows pepole in elected offical including a guy who is running for mayor the only thing is that being a mayor is a non participant position. but i think i can still have him speak

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Well, as Democrats often decree their passion for social justice, then it would be simple enough to do a service project, particularly one that would allow the students to see poverty up close and personal and perhaps even understand why we have a welfare system.

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I don’t know if you have ever considered putting on a 5K road race to raise money. A group around where I am does that. I don’t know if you have a local running store around where you are, but if you do, they could probably help you get this started.

Just a thought.

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community service is a godd idea thanks

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First, congratulations for being aware and involved, already. As a mother, I am thrilled when I hear young adults taking the steps that you are already taking!

Absolutely, a community service project.

Also, see if you can help out in the local elections. In high school, I was lucky enough to work with the local elections – seeing the process, firsthand, sealed the deal for me! We did things from handing out flyers, bumper stickers and seeing if people would let us put signs up in their yard.

What about a mock election – along with a baked sale or some kind of “information fun fair” – maybe include a mock debate or a town hall type meeting. Sell drinks, sell simple foods – hot dogs, popcorn…something like that.

(it’s late…hopefully I can come up w/ something better, tomorrow!)

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I think you folks should each contact your precinct committee chair. Find out who that person is for each of you and see what they do leading up to an election and what they do afterward. Are there townhall meetings, city counsel meetings, or something very very local you can attend to see more about how the process works at the local level? Maybe you can go, one or two members at a time, to different meetings throughout the year. Think about what you could do to eventually intern part-time.

Fundraising might be tricky depending on where you are. How closely affiliated is your group with the Democratic Party? There are all sorts of potential issues. I’d see if you can get an adviser you trust in your area that knows about the legal issues involved in you fundraising and how you are and aren’t allow to spend the funds.

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What about coming up with you ideas for the party platform, and then sending them to the DNC prior to the Convention for their consideration?

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The Convention starts the same day as the 1st day of school :( i dont think that wpuld work but i like the idea

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