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When do you think the world is going to officially end, if at all, and why?

Asked by CelticsFan (140points) August 20th, 2008 from iPhone

just curious…

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2012…. Damn Mayans

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According to the Mayan Calander it is Dec. 21 2012. I am a Christian though, and Jesus said that the day and the hour no one will know.

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If not then probably either Nuclear war or if we actually manage to survive, the Sun blowing up in 5 billion years

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Officially is when the Sun dies. That should happen in some billion years from now.
As for life on this planet, well, at the pace species are getting extinct… Maybe in a shorter term that we’d like to admit. Let’s not forget that we’re animals as well.
The good news is that some species have a tremendous ability to adapt, like cockroaches and beetles. And hopefully we’ll be inhabiting some other planet when that time comes.

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Read Apocalypse 2012
It’s an interesting investigation on all the different possibilities, from super volcanos explosions to the Mayan “restart”.

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The world ends for someone every second. Feeling a bit philosophical this morning.

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** Violins and harps for SuperMouse **

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I wanna stay home for the end of the world…
(I don’t really care if it happens tomorrow or 2012, I just live my life day by day)

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The day before my date with Paris Hilton.

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When we elect a black Muslim president.

oh shit

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And when do you think that will be? Has a Muslim ever run for president?

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Why would the WORLD end with an American muslim president?

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It was a joke. New Yorker inflammatory style.

Like, “the day the Cleveland Indians win the World Series hell will freeze over.”

Because I support Obama and The Tribe

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December, 13, 2013.

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when God says so.

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okay let’s answer this once and for, my Shadow spies report the armies from hell are mobilizing and are preparing to take over when McCain becomes president, and when 2013 arrives.

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I never know when this kid is serious….

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how do i know that you will always question me about if i’m being serious or not, which by the way i am, sometimes, this might be one of those times.

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We never do

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good boy flameboi. :)

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The next time someone here asks this question.

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Gail will literally rip out your internet, followed by your trachea.

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The world will end, when I win the Tri-State Megabucks (NH-VT-MA) Lottery.

And yes, I’m entered.

I just hope that the world ends on a Thursday, because I bowl in a league on Wednesdays.

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