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Is Steve Jobs irreplaceable?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26576points) September 16th, 2018

Since he died, always thought it’s just a matter of time before Apple loses its “magic” of coming up with devices Jobs knew we would want even before we knew it.

At present, Apple is a trillion dollar company selling the same devices Jobs had a part in conceptualizing and developing. How long could Apple continue without Jobs’ vision?

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No! Any car salesman could have his job…

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Honestly, he was extremely overrated when it comes to technology. He was not an engineer, programmer or even a technician. He played no role in developing Apple computers whatsoever. None. Bill Gates actually knew WTF he was doing and developed a lot of Microsoft code. What Jobs had was business sense and a keen eye for selling himself, making money and essentially bullshitting his way to the top. He stepped on those in his way, exploited other peoples ideas and did whatever it took to keep himself in the limelight. This is a trait of many CEOs and business leaders, they’re fakers and he was one of the worst. I know this type of person well and I’m not a fan.

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Yes. They finally started selling larger phones once he died. I waited for that for years, and he didn’t want to do it.

I have always been annoyed with Apple for lots of reasons, I resisted buying anything Apple for a long time.

If Apple has trouble in the future I don’t think it’s because Jobs is gone, but rather part of the natural cycle of businesses that don’t maintain innovation, quality, a competitive edge, and fair prices.

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There’s NO such thing as being irreplaceable…it’s just a matter of time before the next “genius” will arrive on the scene!!!

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It is in his name. “Jobs” He created Jobs.

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I don’t think there is the same opportunity in the market. At the end of his career, Jobs was not being particularly innovative. The talk now is about the Apple Watch with its heart monitor. Nice idea, but how much more can be done on something so small?

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That’s what they said when the first mobile phone was invented. It was carried in a pouch & weighed about 5–6 pounds. Now we hold a computer in our palm & it weighs no more than a quarter of a pound.

Whether you liked him or not, Jobs provided a service to Apple that few have duplicated. Still someone will find a way to equal or better his services!!!

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