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What's happening in Canada?

Asked by KNOWITALL (19825points) September 18th, 2018

I’ve always been rather intrigued by Canada, it’s so beautiful and the PM is so handsome, but looking at the news it all seems eerily familiar.

1)Someone killed a grizzly bear and half the country is for, half is against.
2) A liberal walked over to the conservative side.
3) Number of opioid deaths is an issue.
4) French language debate.
5) Immigration (Lisee vs Legault)
6) Oct 17th recreational marijuana is legalized.
7) Saudi Arabia is pulling out and selling Canadian assets due to a Tweet.

And last but not least…..
8) Justin Bieber is going for legal US citizenship and married an American.

Is our northern neighbor fighting many of the same battles we are or is there internal issues that I may have missed?

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Sounds like the same old, same old to me.

Homer Simpson once called Canada “America Jr.”. Not for no reason, it seems.

It could be worse. The fact that Canada’s having their own opioid crisis is sad, though. No one can escape that, I guess. I don’t hear much about Canadian news—the Saudi Arabia thing is the last bit of news from Canada that I remember reading about.

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I’d say they are fighting a bit worse.
I heard you can get in trouble for saying shit against the PM and that saying anything that could be taken offensive against Muslims can put you in prison. (Shouldn’t be saying bad shit in general but come on, not everything deserves a punishment like that. and that is NOT me defending islamophobia before anyone makes a comment)

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A guy was wearing a shirt that said something kind of profane on it, and a cop actually told him to stop wearing the shirt in public… Like stopped him on the street and said he can’t wear the shirt.
I’ve heard many more from citizens that their free speech is going down the drain (Like it is in the UK as well) I don’t give a fuck whose president, that shit better not happen here.

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If any of that is wrong, correct me. I don’t have the most reliable sources as in it’s all from citizens on forums (and personal friends). so I’m not displaying those as facts as much as speculations more so.

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@SargeantQueen Interesting video about the Islamophobia in Canada.

Watch this video when you have time

Another fun fact:
“According to Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey, there were 1,053,945 Muslims in Canada, or about 3.2% of the population, making Islam the second largest religion in the country after Christianity.”

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@KNOWITALL That video is blocked but I will try to find a way to watch it if you can provide a title maybe?

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Not many school shootings there.

And they have Celine Dion….., so there’s that.

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@SergeantQueen That’s weird, I just clicked from the link.

Title: Muslims in Canada: Anti-Islamic sentiment a growing concern

@rebbel haha, they can keep Celine….and Bieber.
I’m waiting to see if he can even pass a background check.

And remember, Canada has about one tenth the population of the US. But yes, they certainly have more regulations and less shootings.
Plus these:
We had the following mass-shootings that I remember:

1984 – Denis Lortie attacked the Quebec assembly (provincial parliament in Quebec City) armed with sub-machine guns. His goal was to wipe out the Parti Quebecois caucus. Three people were killed and 13 injured.

1989 – Marc Lepine killed 14 students and injured 14 others at the Ecole Polytechnique. He used a semi-automatic rifle.

1992 – A professor at Concordia University shot colleagues at the Hall Building (downtown campus where I can a summer internship after grade 11.)

2006 – At Dawson College (Montreal CEGEP in a former religious building near the old Forum) – a location I have been past countless times) a man shot 19 people. One died.

2014 – At the Parliament of Canada. A man shot a soldier guarding the war memorial. He then rushed into the Parliament with his rifle looking to attack MPs. Thankfully the RCMP and other security staff were able to stop him after a considerable gun battle.

2014 – a guman goes on a rampage in Moncton NB – killing 3 police officers and injuring 2 more

2017 – A gunman kills 6 people and injures 18 at a mosque in Quebec City

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Also Canada decriminalized prostitution and doctor assisted death. Not sure when they get royal assent.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Wow, seriously the doctor assisted death is legal now? I have to look that up. That is so EXCELLENT!!!!! We can certainly learn something from you there, but Big Pharma would lose a lot of money.

“Euthanasia in Canada in its legal voluntary form is called medically assisted dying and became legal along with assisted suicide as of June 2016 to end the suffering of terminally ill adults.”

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Omg. Are you telling me Justin Bieber is off the market?? My life is over!

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@KNOWITALL I meant blocked on my computer specifically. I use a school-provided computer that I can take home.

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@Dutchess Yes, but he’s staying to make pretty babies for us. Too bad she’s a weird Baldwin though lol

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@Sergeant Oh. Are you in the States?

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Hey, we aint perfect and any large city has it’s share of problems.
The opioid is a bad problem.
Legalizing pot is a good thing,instead of spending tons of tax dollars fighting it,now can collect tax dollars from it,from what I understand it will be regulated like alcohol.
And no you can’t get in trouble for bad mouthing the PM.
And another good thing you won’t face financial ruin if you or a loved one gets hurt or ill and needs medical attention.

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One answer here distracted me, but in a pleasant way because I cherry picked 3 of the words.
“shootings” & “Celine Dion”
Now if ever words were meant to belong together, those are surely it.

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Hey I like her singing better than the Bieber, but I can skip on both of them.^^^
I don’t wish and harm on Dion, and the States can have Bieber.

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