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Ever find yourself bothered that your daily or weekend life is in a repetitive and unchanging time-loop?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22133points) September 22nd, 2018 from iPhone

Did you ever feel grateful that at least it’s a peaceful time-loop and things could have been much worse? Or you yearned for changes and was restless?

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No, I hate when things out of the ordinary happen. They are nearly always bad.

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Order is good.

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In a younger day I was spontaneous and impulsive. Now I am glad of the routine and order. Being a dull old stick is pretty soothing.

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I find comfort in my mundane & predictable life!!! I often comment that my life is much like the Bill Murray & Andie MacDowell movie Ground Hog Day!!! During my years of maturing, I always flew by the seat of my pants. Now, I’m at the age where excitement is NO longer a good thing!!!

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Hasn’t everybody???

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Only when I feel like I would rather be doing something other than I am with my free time.

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Thank goodness my schedule has some variety. I hate working 9–5 M-F and luckily I don’t. Right now I don’t work full time, so I have more flexibility than most. Even when I worked full time, there were many years I didn’t have a regular schedule.

I am feeling desperate for a vacation. My husband and I do take a day to do a tourist thing here and there, but we haven’t take a vacation in 3 years. My husband is in a routinized schedule now that I feel like is a prison. Maybe it’s worse for me to watch than for him living it.

We are hoping to sell our business. My husband said to me last week, “I was thinking the other day that when we sell the business I want to take a little time and have some fun with my wife.” Made me happy. I know it won’t last long, he will not very long after selling be worrying about the next thing, but I’ll be happy to seize the moment. I hope he can do it when and if the time comes.

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Actually, the fact that I have a part time job makes my schedule much more unpredictable. I hate it. Lol.

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As a Gemini I yearn for variety. Even when things get mundane and repetitive I’ll always try to find a way to spice things up. Gemini hate boredom to the core.

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