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Do you back up your photos online?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9289points) September 22nd, 2018

And if so, which cloud service do you use? And how do you like it?
Have you ever tried to retrieve a photo that you had backed up? How did that go?

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I take most of mine with my iPhone and have an iCloud account so they are backed up automatically.

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@janbb iCloud gives you only 5GB free, which is not much considering that some of that space is used to back up the apps on your device.. So do you pay extra for additional space?

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Yeah – 99 cents a month for additional space.

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Nope. I’m not having anything to do with the cloud voluntarily. Probably enough of my stuff is already there without my knowing it or choosing it.

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Saw a post somewhere where a lady stated that she can“t upload her pictures that were stored on i cloud ( tablet agreement..they own the images)!
If you can’t upload and print out your images then your agreement probably states that you will have to pay for it or you do not own the images!
I have over 3000 pictures on my computer of which I use as I please ( self publish, print,copy etc).

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No, I don’t store anything online. I use the internet to share things. I have my portable hard drive to store things.

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I also backup my files with an external hard drive, and not online. That way, only I or someone with my permission can access my backups.

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I back mine up onto Flickr directly from my phone, and also into folders on Facebook that are only visible to me.

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Not on line, to another HD.

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I let my phone pictures go to Google Photos automatically. I clicked on the setting “High quality (free unlimited storage)”, so I don’t have to worry about space.

Retrieving is easy enough. There’s a “download” option when the pics are on screen.

For pictures taken with my cameras, for scans, and for the few phone pictures that I want at full resolution instead of mere “High Quality”, I have a free 50GB account. (I don’t remember how I earned that).

The cloud is a mirror of files on my desktop PC and on a laptop. It’s automatic. If I save anything to the Box folder on a computer, it goes up to the cloud. So retrieving those isn’t necessary.

I have a networked drive at home to back up large files (raw camera files, tiff scans, Photoshop files) which are not backed up online. Those are material for making “normal” sized images, which DO get uploaded.

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I use Amazon Prime photos. Never had any problems.

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