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Should I take the job?

Asked by CookieOne (4points) September 25th, 2018

I am moving as soon as my lease is up and I have started applying for jobs at the universities in Washington state….and if I get a job offer there I will move before my lease is up.
In the meantime I am living on unemployment, which isn’t much, but I can survive for a few months if I do a very strict budget.
With that being said, I was just offered a job locally and part of me thinks I should take it so I am not struggling financially but the other part of me doesn’t want to take it because:
1. I know I am going to move ASAP.
2. If I take it then quit to move, once my lease is up, I won’t qualify for unemployment.
3. If I get a request for an interview in Washington I won’t be able to go because I will be at work here which could cause me to lose out on a job opportunity.
Do I take the job?

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You don’t have an interview or even a job yet. In the places I have worked I know it takes a minimum of 30 days to start a new job. You have to interview, usually they will interview other people so it takes a week or so for the offer, then you have to take a drug test, etc. So in the meantime, you should have another job because it looks better to potential interviewers instead of you being unemployed. I’m also wondering what your health insurance situation is. Will this job offer insurance?
I say, take the job until another offer that you want comes through.

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If you are honest with the new boss – telling him/her that you are a short timer – then take the job.

But I agree with @chyna – right now you are so early in the process (no job in Washington, and you haven’t even barely started the process) – that you could be waiting a LONG time.

A dollar in your hand today is worth more than the possibility of five dollars in your hand in 4–5 months,

Take this job.

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When does your lease expire?

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Consider taking the job offered to you now and “if” you get an interview with the other job then go at a convenient time ( so as not to lose your present job) and if in the long run you do get the offer of employment then state that you have to give notice to your present job.
This is reasonable for both employers and the new employer would appreciate your honesty in handling this transition ( as it would assume that you are a reasonable person to have on there team too).
Best to take a job off erred now , and save enough to go elsewhere if need be.
Remember Christmas is coming and jobs a scarce.

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