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Do you know anyone called Bob? If so, why?

Asked by Jeruba (51916points) September 25th, 2018

Why do you know him?—not why is he called Bob.

Just asking.

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No one here is named “Bob”. What a stupid name.

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Several Bobs whose formal name is Robert. Some are sailors, some are Unitarians, some are walkers. Bob’s your uncle! Some Bob for apples and some for applause. I bob my head in their honor although it is not my favorite name.

By the way, now you can go make me a sandwich!

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Oh, lordy, so many. A couple of them used to regularly go to the Bob Festival in Colorado. Is that still going on, I wonder?

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He lived across the street from me.

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I used to, I used to work for him. He later quit as president of the construction company to open a sandwich shop in Colorado. Many years later I heard he sold his five franchised shops he had opened during his time there and is now retired in, I believe, Missouri on a lake.

Before that I knew a salesman in anther company I worked for that had that name. He taught me that it was alright to be a cut-throat SOB when on the job and to go have drinks and a laugh with your rivals after work.

And before that I used to cave with a guy named Bob who was going back into the military after college graduation with the hopes of becoming a chopper pilot. I think he is dead now. I know the other caver that I was an acquaintance with is. He used to sell caving equipment under the name Bob&Bob. I never knew the second Bob (or maybe he was the first I don’t know); he sold out before I got into it.

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I went to high school with a couple. I had a couple of them in my fraternity when I was in college. I work with one now.

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More Bobs than I care to count. Two of the wife’s old boyfriends are Bobs, and we’re great friends of both of them & their families. It’s a small incestuous world!

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And then there’s always bob-o-links.

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I do, because it’s my first name.

My parents had such high regard for it, that they always called me Brian. ;-)

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For some reason, I much prefer the nickname Rob to Bob.

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Yeah, he’s always pestering everyone to make him a sandwich.

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At last someone’s asking about Bob….
Bob was a mechanic in a car factory.

(I remember we have/had a Bob on Fluther; ‘sandwich Bob’)

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@janbb, but I’d rather see someone go bob-bob-bob than rob-rob-rob.

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^^ When the red red bobin goes rob, rob, robbing along?

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Haven’t had a Bob hairdo in 50 yrs.

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Yes. He lived close by.

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Yes, he started primary school at the same time as me and we were friends for the next 60 years. He was rarely called Bob as he was known by his nickname.

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Those who prefer Rob, must be living in a Petrie dish in New Rochelle. ;-).

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Decades ago Bob was my stock broker. He did well and retired. Now he delvers newspapers on a rural route that includes my home. He loves it! I went on a ride along and had a ball!
We go out for breakfast about once a month to discuss stocks and other investments. Fun.

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Off the top of my head, I know a Bob (business acquaintance), a Bobby (neighbor), and two Robbys (both college-age kids of middle-aged friends).

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Bob was old english slang for a shilling, a coin worth around 12 old pence.

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Bob-a-job week.

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Knew several in my time. One was the brother of my best man. Two were on the submarine with me. I work with one now. Why do I know them? Because their lives crossed mine at some time.

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I have an Uncle Bob. He was NOT named Robert at birth; but was named Bobby which was cute as an infant, toddler, & young child. Somewhere around 30, 40, or 50 he decided that he was too old for Bobby & managed to get it shortened to Bob. Since I had known him ALL my life as Bobby, that’s what I still call him although he doesn’t appreciate it!!!

My husband was Robert & his family called him Bobby. At his request, I NEVER called him Bobby. Then again, when I met him, he introduced himself to me as Robert & I failed to associate Bobby with him. It only became awkward when his family was visiting & they spoke of Bobby & I had to remember who they meant!!!

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A very dear friend of mine from college, her dad is named Bob.

My neighbor is Bob.

A friend of my dad is named Bob. They’ve known each other since college. I became friends with he and his wife also when I happened to live by them for a couple of years.

One Bob I know, I don’t really know, he is just a Facebook connection. I know him like I might know a jelly who I only see onscreen.

I know a Bobbi and a Bobby also, but I do t think you are asking about them.

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@Jeruba I just figure out why you asked: Bob’s your uncle!

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Edit: “figured”

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I once knew a guy called Bob Slay. He went downhill fast.

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I am married to a Robert, who is often called Bob. His parents called him Bobby until they died.

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Bob and I are going out for breakfast next week!

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Typical Fluther thread, criticizing people’s belief systems and the Church of Bob

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My grandpa’s name was Bob. His dad wanted to put “Bob” as his official name on his birth certificate; his mom talked him out of it.

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Dated one.

Had a boss by that name.

My financial planner has that name.

One of my brother’s high school friends, who he still is friends with, has that name.

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