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How to block snoring sound from the next apartment, if earplugs is out of the question?

Asked by flo (12974points) September 28th, 2018

I don’t have a snoring neighbour, (just in case you’re planning to ask me—Have you tried to suggest… to the snoring neighbour?)
Some people say use earplugs but that would also prevent the good kind of sound that alerts you to get out of danger, etc., wouldn’t it? So, what is the answer if the neighbour denies that he/she snores or snores loud enough to bother the neighbour?

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A white noise generator. Too interfere with external noise.

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That’s not similar to the down side of earplugs?

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Earplugs don’t drown out all sounds, it takes a big chunk off of it, but you’ll still hear certain (loud) sounds, like a banging door, or your partner/child/parent begging for your attention, or your alarm.
That is, my earplugs do that (wax plugs).

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White noise is a very good suggestion. No, it would not interfere with hearing necessary sounds.
Some offer a variety of sounds, so the user can choose which is most soothing for them.

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Next apartment ?

How thin are the walls ?

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Can you use noise cancelling headphones?

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You can try number three. And as already mentioned a white sound machine. I find a hepa filter is great. Gives you the white sound and makes sure the air is clean as well. The padding of number 3 looks like that would be easy to put up.

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A box fan. I use it to drown out my husband’s snoring. He uses it to drown out mine.

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If the sound is coming from somewhere else (next door) install noise cancelling wall coverings. If it’s coming from within the same room, accept it as happy confirmation he/she is still with you.
My husband discovered a type of nose clip solved his snoring completely.

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I run a fan for noise.

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Hang a rug or quilt on that wall and move the bed to the other side of the room, or to another room.

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Thanks all. It’s not me or my neighbour by the way, I think it was a case in court or something like that.

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