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Have you ever been on a elevator where some kid has pushed all the buttons?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24610points) October 7th, 2018

Did you get off and take the stairs or take the next elevator? Or did you stay on and ride it out?

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I had to stay on. It was my kid who did it.

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#IwasTheKid – Well, once or twice, when my age was in single digits.

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Nope, but I’ve been on sabbath elevators in my sister’s apartment building and at hospitals. I usually stay in if it’s not too many floors. Once I know it’s a sabbath elevator I usually avoid it.

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Yes, I am one of the kids who used to push all the buttons. And when I was 10 years old, my grandparents lived in an 18-story high rise. People hated that.

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@JLeslie – yes, I stayed at a hotel in Israel with Sabbath elevators. I was on the 8th floor. What a royal pain.

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^^Lol. Luckily, in NYC, most buildings have more than one elevator.

I worked a sabbath elevator at the Boca Raton Resort a few years ago. Pushed the buttons for them people. It was fun actually.

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Yes, Karma is a bitch apparently.

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I did fairly quickly realize how it was messing with people, and I felt sorry for causing that, and so stopped and later discouraged other kids from doing it.

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No but I witnessed what happened after a woman in anger hit all the buttons at once.
Security guards ( it was a court hearing) took remote control of that elevator while another security guard took over another elevator and with a key went directly and quickly to the main floor to meet up with this woman as she got out of the elevator and they escorted her to her car in the parking lot after getting details of her Identity.
She was angry over a Court Hearing and made it very uncomfortable for the ones in the elevator that they were with her in.

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Not all the buttons. The brat could only reach to button 7.

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Kids can’t do that anymore in tall hotels. For security reasons you’re only allowed to go to your room floor and exit floors.

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(hint: I was the kid)

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