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What is your favorite Merle Streep movie?

Asked by tabbycat (1803points) August 20th, 2008
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and isn’t it Meryl?

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The dingo ate my baby! I forget the name of that one…

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Oooh. Sueanne. A Cry in the Dark.

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She was so good in The Devil Wears Prada but my favorite is Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks. I love that movie!

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The Devil Wears Prada is my favorite.

That smirk that she has spoke more words than lines she had in that movie.

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How to pick?

Julia (1977)
The Deer Hunter (1978.
Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)
Sophie’s Choice (1982),
Silkwood (1983)
Out of Africa (1985)
The Bridges of Madison County (1995)
The Hours (2002)

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I would have to say The Deer Hunter – as Christopher Walken’s girlfriend – there is some genius casting right there!

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@gail, I forgot about Kramer. That movie made me cry my eyes out!

I do have to say that Meryl was barely in it. It was really a Dustin Hoffman movie…. But props to Meryl for making me HATE her! That’s the sign of a good actress, right?

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My sister spotted Meryl last week-end in the local high-end supermarket and thought she looked lovely au naturel. She lives near here. We also saw her at Tanglewood on a Prairie Home Companion several years ago. She was in jeans and a pony tail and did her own singing..a good comedienne, too.

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Hated The Bridges of Madison County, but not her fault. I think i would go with Out of Africa.

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@MH; I too hated the Bridges, but thought she did a wonderful job.

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If we’re switching it up..
Bad Meryl movies… How about She Devil?

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What was that white water rafting movie with Kevin Bacon? Grrrowl!

And I have not seen it yet but I hear she was great in

Mama Mia


Prarie Home Companion

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the devil wears prada.

you know what i’ve noticed
when she was younger she still lookesd mature [old] in all her movies

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5 thumbs down for Mama Mia, from everyone I know (and the critics).

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@ Gail – Ooooo. i am glad you told me that. I trust your judgement over the two people who told me. I would trust her performance, but not enough to see it now. Thanks!

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Out of Africa. Only one I’ve seen (not a big movie fan). If I see only one other, which one?

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Postcards from the Edge.

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Silkwood or The Deer Hunter.

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The French Lieutenant’s Woman

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The one where she and Merle Haggard get stuck in a time warp together and come out Merle Streep (the lovely actress who stars in Mama Mia Tried)

Wow, anyone who gets that is a dork like me.

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Meryl Streep

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Sophie’s Choice. I weep buckets.

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Ooh. That was on Turner Classics last night. Pass the Kleenex.

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A River WIld (?) With Kevin Bacon as a bad guy, terrorizing her and her son as they raft down the Colorado River. She looks incredible in that movie.

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No just one fav, but definitely: Out of Africa, One True Thing, and because she does like 3 roles in it – Angles in America. Of course Silkwood, Cry in the Dark (over the top, hard to watch). I also liked her in Falling in Love. Gee then there’s Lions for Lambs, the Hours…

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Death Becomes Her – by a mile one of the most interesting, funniest, darkest, strangest, unpredictable, and best-written black comedies I’ve ever seen. Even though she complained about the special effects and having to perform through the make up and prosthetics, etc, she gave a great performance, as did Goldie Hawn, and it still makes me smile years later.

But I also enjoy Postcards from the Edge a lot.

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Silkwood and The Devil Wears Prada

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