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I'm looking for a IT Project Idea for my Final Year. Can anyone suggest something?

Asked by newkidintheblock (7points) October 14th, 2018

It has to be unique in some way.
Either it should be a new product or an improvement for an existing product.

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How to maintain a question and answer site with trolls, spammers, and questions that violate the guidelines?

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You’ll become a billionaire IF you can come up with the solution @RedDeerGuy1 proposed!!!

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What I would like is a website where companies that create products solely made in their own country from start to finish market them.

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Hackaday is a good site for inspiration. They showcase everything from silly little toys to serious projects like prosthetic limbs.


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A “web maker” with items the user can click on to make our own website, and easy instructions how to use it.

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to match random people all around the world to talk. Young men like fresh and exciting things.

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