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Is it a law that the phone must ring while you're in the shower, and hot water heaters and furnaces must break down on Holiday long weekends?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20614points) October 16th, 2018

Just wondering?
Because it always seems that way.

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It’s a Laws of the Universe thing.

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YES…it’s the law of averages!!! I finally gave up & put a phone in my bathroom. I don’t get interrupted near as often now. Guess it’s NOT fun when it doesn’t create stress!!!

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Only in Canada. That never happens in the US. (I wish)

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Yes. It got to the point that my heating/air guy would say “see ya next holiday “!

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It is the law. It is not local, regional, state, federal. It is all inclusive. You must never attempt to break from the law.

Last year, my refrigerator broke the day before Thanksgiving. Nobody available to repair or replace before Monday. I have a back up freezer, but it is small, and was already half full. I told my daughter “it’s cold out. Put eggs, milk, condiments outside. Next day, bright, sunny, over sixty.
Bah! Damn the hellish luck.

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I suspect it is related to the idea that only one of a given pair of socks will vanish in the washing machine (or the dryer…not sure). I think it is also related to the idea that if 700 rednecks shot at street signs for 700 years, one of them would eventually put out the works of Shakespeare in Braille.

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@seawulf575 – great answer (700 rednecks ..700 years) – I am going to use that on my son-in-law.

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Yes, it even has a name – Murphy’s law.

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That is Johnston’s Law, plain and simple.
There are people in this world who seemingly assume that Murphy’s law never affects them, and these people are who/what Johnston’s Law addresses.
So here it is:
“Murphy’s Law is ALWAYS in effect and it can and will affect YOU.”
Bet on it!

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Murphy’s law. Is one I remember.

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Yep. Along with your pet getting sick after hours/on a Sunday.

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It’s Murphy’s Law, same law that guarantees dropped toast always lands buttered side down.

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Actually, buttered side down is simple physics.

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@Patty_Melt don’t tell Murphy

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