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What is the question that produces "I teach school"?

Asked by flo (11325points) 3 months ago

As asked.

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“What do you do for a living?”

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I understand.

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What is a good job where I get lots of time off and doesn’t require anything more than three years of university and high school math?

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Why are you out on that ledge?

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“Why do you dislike pre-teens?”

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@Patty_Melt That’s an awesome answer!

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Do you enjoy life!?!
( Both way right ).. :)))

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What is your passion?

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A person asking a Russian guy, who is talking and gesticulating to a building, the question: “What are you doing?”

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I think first time on Fluther I’m getting GA for a question:)

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Why do you look so anxious and tired?

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1. You, what you do for living?

2. Can you describe what you do for a living in a way that suggests you might not be qualified for the job?

3. Imagine you’re playing Hyper-Scrabble. You have the following letters: A C E H H I L O O S T. The rules are that you must use all the letters, and it must make a sensible statement of some kind, although it’s ok to be a little cryptic. You narrow it down to a few options:

O, ach! Hostile!—It’s worth medium points, but one of the fine-print rules of the game gives you +5 Karma for impersonating a German lover of Shakespeare.

Hi, stool ache—You get 10 extra points for all the adolescents in the game who laugh, 20 extra for all the hypocrites scolding them while themselves obviously trying not to laugh.

I teach school—no points at all. You hate yourself, so you’ve chosen a life of hardship, slave wages, demoralizing politics, and pervasive incompetence, trying to help ungrateful brats make something of themselves, all while their parents are casting aspersions on your intelligence and ancestry at the dinner table.

If you hated yourself, which option would you choose?

4. I was going to try a #4, but #3 was a lot of work.

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How do you translate that into English?

I honestly can’t imagine a question that would get this answer from a native English speaker.

Otherwise it would be “I teach [grade or subject].” Or “I teach [at a] school.”

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