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Have to work on a freinds birthday party which she really wants me to be there what should i do?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) August 20th, 2008

One of my really good friends is having a birthday celebration in a few weeks and would be disappointed if i never came, the problem is I am supposed to work that day, Ive tried getting out of working but it looks as if I’m going to have to work my shift, what should i do? Should i go to work and tell her I’m really sorry?

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Would you expect her to accept losing her job if she couldn’t make it to your party? I didn’t think so. It would be lame if she expected you to do the same. Tell her the truth and make other special plans with her the next time it works out for the both of you.

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call in sick, or ask a friend to cover your shift

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@ aisyna yeah, i would call in sick, but I already asked the manager if i could have that day off, so wouldn’t it be suspicious if i phoned in “sick”

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Call in and tell them you have personal business to attetend to. Here in Arkansas, your employer isn’t allowed to ask what your personal business is. I’m not sure about anywhere else but it could be worth a shot. The might still be skeptical but you might get off.

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what’s with all this “calling in sick” ? okay, i know it’s a birthday party, but unless she is turning 50, (or 100), it’s not such a big event that it can’t wait. go to work, apologize and tell her you couldn’t get out of it, and make plans to celebrate the day with her on another day later that week. that way, you can celebrate her bday one-on-one. it’s ok, she will understand eventually and the sun will still rise the next day. if for some ridiculous reason, she hates you and refuses to talk to you if you decide not to attend (i really doubt this will happen), thank your boss and luck for realizing your friend’s true nature now as opposed to 3 yrs down the road.

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thanks everyone, she would understand if i told her and be okay with it and stuff just that I feel bad about it,is there something i can do so i wont feel so bad

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yes, treat her to dinner or something like that on the day you go out to celebrate her birthday.

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postponed dinners or going out is better because you get one on one time instead of a big party where your friend is over extended to a bunch of people.

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I’m all for PnL’s suggestion of one-on-one time. Keep trying to find someone to switch shifts with you until the last minute, though, just in case.

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How long is your shift? Can you stop by before work or after work to say hi and give her a gift? Then you can do the celebrating another day. That way you get to do something special and take some time with her on another day, but you also get to show that you know the day itself is important to her just by bringing a gift by. Also, you might get cake this way. :^>

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Is there time for her to re-schedule the party to a different day, when you are off? Or perhaps a different time of day, so that you can attend, either before or after work?

A person who is really your friend will understand, if job obligations prevent you from attending. But the suggestion about trading shifts with another employee sounds terrific, if you are in a job where such is allowed.

I never worked for any employer who wasn’t flexible, when it came to juggling schedules to accommodate special day off requests. All of my bosses were pretty understanding about that.

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If you call in sick now, you will look bad to the boss.

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Go to work. Spend time with your friend at another point. My best friend’s birthday goes for at least two weeks in this manner and she loves it.

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Work comes before social occasions. Either suggest to your friend that the two of you celebrate another time or, if the timing of her event permits, show up at the beginning or the end.

A good friend will understand. Losing a job to go to a birthday party is pretty darn frivolous. Isn’t this the job of your dreams that you quit another job for?

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I once attended a friend’s birthday party, and the invitation read as follows:

“The party will end at 10 PM on Sunday night, or when the Police are summoned by the neighbors, whichever occurs first. No swimsuits will be allowed in the pool.”

You can bet that it was a VERY well-attended party!

I wish I could remember it…

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Your friend will understand. Your boss won’t. Sorry hun, but you need to go to work. The only other thing you can do is ask you boss if you can take the time if you can get someone to cover your shift.Then be prepared with a big bribe for a co-worker if he says yes. Good luck honey. I hope it works out for you!

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Thanks for the advise everyone!!!

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