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How to get past razor wire, without wire cutters?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13498points) 2 months ago

Just the clothes on your back, no wire cutters or tarp. I am just wondering if one is determined and opening to being hurt can one cross over? Or is a trick to getting past the barrier? Like using socks on one’s hands? No wire cutters. I’ve crossed normal chain link fences with barbed wire when I was a teen and am wondering how to get past razor wire and barbed wire at the same time?

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Is someone trying to confine you to your apartment?

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Razor wire is under high tension because it’s in a roll. If you were to cut it, it would flip back at you. Doesn’t sound like a good plan. Just sayin’.

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@flutherother No. Just walked by a cash/money store that closed down and I was wondering if they would take down the razor wire surrounding the building. I see it every time that I go shopping and I always wonder what if. @snowberry Great advice you probably saved a couple of Fluther Jelly’s from harm.

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Use an old mattress, or a (wooden) pallet.

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A ladder might help and some strips of old carpet.

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Use a car floor mat.

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I’m NOT into pain; so, I’d probably be a wimp & just NOT try it!!!

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Find a big tree branch to throw up against it.

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The point of razor wire and barbed wire is not to provide a challenge to you. You do realize that, right??

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The best way, and most convenient, is to go through the gate. No need to climb or risk getting cut up.

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If you’re trying to get in, you should be getting a clear message that says “keep out.” You’d do best to respect that.

If you’re trying to get out, perhaps you should wait until they open the gate. Unless you’re being held captive illegally, in which case—good luck.

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“No. Just walked by a cash/money store that closed down and I was wondering if they would take down the razor wire surrounding the building”
Notify City Council of the danger posed with a CLOSED Business that has razor wire around it..and why that is required?
(does not sound reasonable thing for a closing business to do..Suspect someones hiding something…meth lab facility?)

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How about dig under it? That’s what my dog used to do.

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Sometimes the best methods are overlooked.

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I wanna play a game…

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Find a good rock and use it to dull the razors in the area you want to climb over to the point where they will not cut you. If you happen to have more than your clothes like a a roll of duct tape, simply tape over the razors.

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