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Do you think that the outline of the state of New Jersey looks like an old woman?

Asked by Nevada83 (588points) October 20th, 2018

My friend thinks it does…I mean, I could kind of see the bottom half being a dress or something, but other than that, I don’t see it.

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If your friend means a bust of a woman, yeah, I can see that.
She’s looking West.

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I can see it too. It looks like she’s hunchbacked and wearing a flat hat.

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I can see it as a bust looking west, sitting in a chair, with a certain kind of hat on.

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Wait – that would mean I live in her butt! Not sure I like that comparison.

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^Well being a penguin your butt is your most prevalent feature, so….

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^^ If this weren’t in General, I’d smack you around with my flippers. Or sit on you!

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@janbb What I see doesn’t have her butt, it’s just a bust of the woman from the top of her hat down to just below her….bust.

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^^ That’s a relief!

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@janbb where you live is more on the shoulder…

It looks to me more like a profile of Bart Simpson…

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So what’s the protuberance on the bottom?

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I can see the resemblance to an elderly lady wearing a flat hat, and I also see @zenvelo‘s comparison of NJ to a profile of Bart Simpson.

Given the flatness of its “head”, and the coastal protrusion east of Edison and south of NYC (which looks like a hump), I see a resemblance to Frankenstein’s monster with advanced osteoporosis.

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A similar figure can be seen in the shape of Great Britain.
I see an old man sitting in a rocking chair wearing a battered old hat, Ireland becomes the newspaper he’s reading. Go on, look & see, you require only your imagination.

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