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Don't airlines have a waiver form to prevent losing a passenger with no Epipen, or other medical items?

Asked by flo (11336points) 2 months ago

I’m looking for the article, it’s today’s or yesterday’s news. No flying on this Airline if allergic without Epipen. Airlines (all?) have epinephrine injection, but not Epipens. Do you happen to know about this news and policy in whichever airline/s?

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Thanks @snowberry. I’m still reading the articles. I’m looking for anything regarding a waiver, maybe it’s in the first link.

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There would be no “waiver”. The woman opened her mouth and informed them that she was violently allergic to a substance on their plane and that she did not have an EpiPen. They were right to put her off the plane because if she went into shock, she could have died, and then her family would have had potential to sue them.

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I thought the whole point of a waiver is so that there would be no suing. She would not have to get off the plane and there would be no story.

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Dead bodies don’t make for good fellow passengers.

You have yet to show us the “Waiver clause” for airlines.

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Waivers don’t always mean you cant sue, and each case is unique. If they can determine that the airline is at fault, then you can sue anyway. A good attorney can twist a word into a pretzel, and make all kinds of things happen that you wouldn’t think could be possible.

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@snowberry But had she signed a waiver, (if they had a waiver) and nothing happened, they would be no story.
Re. prezel thing that’s the case in any kind of lawsuit anyway, case in point:

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If they had allowed her on the plane after she had informed them of her potentially life threatening condition without her epi pen, she would have made them responsible for her well being. Worst case scenario she could have died!

A waiver wouldn’t have helped anyone much then! And talk about a public relations nightmare!


In a situation like that, IMO a waiver is nonsense.

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