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Where do you get your news? What is your #1 trusted source?

Asked by Demosthenes (5126points) 2 months ago

I’m sure this question has been asked before. But it’s me and I want to know now!

The question about comedic news (Colbert, Trevor Noah) and the contempt some have for using these as news sources made me wonder what you use as your news source. Do you watch cable news? Local TV news? Read newspapers? Listen to news radio? Do you get it from YouTube? Google News? A magazine? A blog? Fluther (dear God no)?

I primarily get my headlines from Google News, which samples a number of major (and minor) sources. Then I will click on articles and read them, from wherever they happen to come.

I don’t watch the News on TV, but I do listen to NPR in the mornings and I also subscribe to the New Yorker, which is analysis more than outright “news”.

Let’s try to refrain from bashing. I’m interested in what you like, not what you don’t like.

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I have two Christians newspapers I read, and a really lovely app called Red Alert. it’s not news, but it’s real-time events in Israel, especially tracking bombs coming in from other countries.

i use DuckDuckGo to search for news on various topics. When I really want to find out what is going on, I read the news from both sides of the issue, and I know the truth is often (but not always) somewhere in the middle.

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Mostly online, daily or almost daily, from recognized news sources: New York Times, Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, Boston Globe, NPR, BBC, Der Spiegel (English Edition), and the Quincy (Mass.) Patriot Ledger.

I also check in less frequently with CBC, Al Jazeera, the Guardian, the Times of Israel, South China Morning Post, the Scotsman, Austin Statesman, IceNews, Dutch News, the Wall Street Journal, and the Fairfield (Iowa) Ledger, as well as several others from time to time.

For a quick overview, I look at msn news.

I hear radio news on NPR when I’m in my car.

I often read Time Magazine (which ain’t what it used to be), and I get the paper edition of San Jose Mercury News four days a week.

No network or cable TV news for me; in fact, just no TV.

I enjoy some of the late-night TV satirists when I see them on YouTube, but I don’t catch them regularly. And I don’t consider them to be the same thing as news, even though they do cover current events. They make no claim to objective journalism.

Oh, and I often check recent political cartoons. Plenty going on there.

But I have no #1 source. I always want at least two views.

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I have three equal sources I check continually: NBC, CBS, and my local newspaper.

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New Zealand’s public radio, Radio New Zealand.

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Google news primarily. I have a way to look at “my news,” or “headlines.” One is more geared towards my own personal preferences, like Raider’s football news. The other, I think, is unbiased and just gives multiple sources on all topics.

I listen to lots of NPR. I feel the way they are funded keeps them more trustworthy, than most other media…

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Cbc, ctv, global Calgary, global Edmonton, Global National, Pbs news, pbs nbr, Cnn , international radio at night. YouTube, Cbc radio, family and friends.

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I get most of my news from the BBC. I watch the BBC News Channel and I also listen to Radio 4. I don’t consider the BBC as one source. The BBC employs many journalists and reporters who I respect and their coverage of the news is honest and penetrating within guidelines that stress the importance of impartiality and trustworthiness.

It annoys me when people complain lightly of fake news when there are journalists who go to great lengths to investigate and present the truth.

I occasionally check online to see how CNN or Fox are covering certain stories and I sometimes look at Haaretz and AlJazeera.

I use Google News at times as a way of keeping up with events though Google News is not a news agency and I wonder how it chooses its sources.

For local news I read the Glasgow Herald though not regularly and I visit the Evening Times website.

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NPR, BBC, Zeit

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Carrier pigeon & candygram, right on the money.

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David Muir, ABC Evening News. Mostly because he is really nice to look at.

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Fox News.

I trust that everything they say is a lie. So I listen to them and believe the exact opposite, which tends to be accurate.

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I primarily get my news online. I do not watch the news on TV, except for my local KTLA news. I read posts from the BBC, LA Times, and Reuters mostly. I also read the headlines from Google news which comes from many sources. Honestly, the less news I consume the happier I am.

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BBC, NPR, Reuters, ABC. I used to fancy CNN, but it appears that it has some left leaning bias so I’ve dropped them from my list.

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I don’t have ONE. I don’t trust any ONE to be sufficiently balanced. I watch MSNBC, I ask questions here on fluther, I like Cuomo in the evening once in a while, Maddow when I happen to be watching when my husband is watching, Washington Post, Daily Chatter, some others too, but quite honestly I don’t do anything with consistency the last 5 years. I became overloaded. Now, I focus my attention during election season, and then tune out to a large extent again.

I also read a few of the stories the reporters in my company write, but I’m not consistent about that either. I probably read 2 out of every 20 articles, if that. We write for Washington Times, Al Fanar, USA Today, Bloomberg, Boston Globe, GP and PRI, Die Zeit, and now and then some others.

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The Young Turks, I also get a lot of articles on Flipboard from across the spectrum. Hacker news has a lot of links to interesting stuff I wouldn’t otherwise come across.

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