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How would I ask a series of related questions?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) August 21st, 2008

I have a few questions (say, about 5) all relating to the same topic. Should I ask them together in one giant question, or separately by themselves?

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One giant question. Make the topic something like “I have a few questions about (something)?

Add the individual questions inside the “Details” section.

That is how I would do it.

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I second what JP said. best way to do it and to avoid 5 Qs on main page about the same-ish thing. that bothers people.

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Or, if they’re dissimilar enough, you can try asking them separately, but space them out so people don’t get annoyed.

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And I should add. If you merged the questions that are similar you will be more likely to get more answers from people from people that know about that subject. It would be good to ask five questions about the OS X Dock in a single question.

It would be bad to ask a question about the Dock, CUPS, running Apache on OS X, best FTP client for OSX, and how do I get Django running on OS X in a single question.

* Looks at Andrew *

And I have had a few pills so I am sorry if that didn’t make sense.

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If you want to consider the answers in a group, I think you should ask the questions together. If the answers are not dependent on each other or the answerers do not need to see the whole series of questions to get the big picture, then separately might be OK.

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