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How many of you got "you have a questions that need editing"?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) January 11th, 2010

When you ask a question how many of you got the reply from the moderators of Fluther that “you have questions need editing”?

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Happened twice out of the 14 I have asked.

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@pjanaway :What happened when you submitted it for re-editing?

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None. My English is practiced, and I’ve read “How to Ask Questions the Smart Way” at If other Fluther users did the same, Fluther would be a smarter place, but I don’t hold my breath.

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One was added and the other I discarded.

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I’d guess about 1 in 10 of my questions gets pushed back for editing.

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I’ve had it, not for my English but for asking a duplicate question and for asking something that didn’t include enough information. Most of us have had a question modded at one time or another. It’s nothing personal.

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I’ve had two or three. If you ask questions and are here long enough you’ll get a couple. Ain’t nothin’ but a thang.

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@frdelrosario It also looks like you haven’t asked any questions yet. ;)

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I kill a puppy every time my question needs editing. A cute, defenseless puppy.

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Out of my 62 questions, happened once because the question had like two words in it (I changed it and it was put back). On my old account, I had one pulled because it was a poll (I never bothered to repost that one).

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@phoenyx – So thats how you get the good skills and not have to edit.. haha :)

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I’ve had 14 questions that didn’t get modded. Just one that did get modded. It was deemed flamebait, but I was genuinely curious (Though the question totally did scream “I’m flamebait! Look at me!”, in hindsight). I never bothered arguing with mods over it.

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There you have it folks.. if you want to enjoy the feeling of never being modded… never ask any questions. It’s liberating.

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It happens when I have that one extra glass of wine, can’t type, can’t spell, can’t think.

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Well, I’ve had my fair share of questions that have needed to be edited and/or even removed altogether. I think everyone who eventually asks a question(s) at one point will get edited. No ones perfect and not everyone has the same views on things others would consider harmless. Most of my errors, are because I hit the bong one to many times, or I haven’t gone to sleep, haha. Like @AstroChuck said, “Ain’t nothin’ but a thang.”

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Who are the fluther moderators anyway? It’s very Big Brother, in a jellyfish kinda way.

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@borderline_blonde They are listed here
The current moderators are:


Plus Ben and Andrew (Fluther founders) and Timtruman

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Simultaneous post.
What he said ^.

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It is not Big Brother at all. It is responsible guardianship of the quality of the shared community experience.

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@Jeruba I was kidding. I’m glad this place is moderated – it keeps the site from morphing into a wasteland of advertisements and other junk.

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I think it has happen once in the 28 that I have asked and it was easily fixed.

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I can think of four out of 107.

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@kevbo- Cute, yes. Defenseless, perhaps. Innocent, not a chance. Drown away.

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I got soon after I joined.

Ticked me off until I understood the intent behind the action was the assist me in clarifying what I wanted to ask, not to hassle me.

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^^I got soon after I joined? What the hell kind of sentence is that?^^

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It happens to me everytime, I have so many questions to ask but it’s not worth the hassle.

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Once, and I flagged it myself.

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One time my question needed editing to add an E to Shakespeare… which I now blatantly misspell in my posts for spite. XD Shakespear shakespear shakespear!!

The questions I’ve had flagged for editing probably needed editing.. but when I get that.. I usually just abandon the question because I don’t feel like dealing with it..

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One out of five. The question was flagged because of the way the answers were going. I agreed with the moderator that there was nothing that could be done but kill it.

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I’ve had two or three. Usually it was just unclear or something… except this last one. The mod said that it wasn’t clear what I was asking, so I tried to clarify, resubmitted, and never saw it again. However, a few weeks went by, and someone else asked almost verbatim what my question was, and it was met with grand lurve, copious responses, and no moderation. Ask me how pissed off I was.

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@ubersiren Ok, I’ll bite. How pissed off were you?

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@NaturalMineralWater : Well huh. I didn’t actually have an answer for that.. I’d say, initially I was put off, hurt, and frustrated, but it didn’t ruin my day or anything. Ticks me off when I think of it, but not enough to take any real action.

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Several times; either reparable or not worthy of a re-write. I find it hard to get very exercised over it.

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