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How do you get the link posted and not the updated page?

Asked by flo (12904points) November 7th, 2018

Once in while, if you click on a link you posted, it’s no longer the link you posted but the current content (i.e nothing to do with the subject on the arricle/link you posted) How do you make sure it stays what you posted and or how do you get the link posted from the current one that you’re getting?

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You don’t have control over it. The URL that you referred to today is pointing to a page that is housed at a server somewhere else. It isn’t under your control or Fluther’s – it is under the control of the site that hosted the page in the first place.

If they change the page (and almost all do, particularly news sites), then you get the page view of whatever they have there today – not what was there a week or a month or a year ago.

Summary: it isn’t under your control. You get the page they send you.

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There is actually something called a permalink that does exactly what you want. But only some pages, blogs or databases have it. In a database, if you see the label Permalink on a URL, using that link will permanently link to that exact item. If there isn’t one, you can’t do anything to create one.

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You can also try the Wayback Machine which crawls the web and keeps archives of sites. There’s a chance it has what you’re looking for.

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Or screenshot it, and post the (hosted) image (link), instead.

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@elbanditoroso see the other answers.

Thanks @janbb @gorillapaws and @rebbel.

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