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Help with publishing in Great Britain?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15927points) November 15th, 2018

I have been writing a lot. I have shorts and novels of various degrees of completion.

One novel length work is ready to be considered for publication. However, due to the subject matter, and my desired plans for its future, I would prefer to debut in Britain.
Does anyone have some tips or advice for me in finding a home for my baby across the pond?
No doubt it will need a healthy dose of editing, since it is obviously written by an American. (I consistently wrote the word fairy.)
Any help would be appreciated.
Any help that gets my work published will get a nod on the credits page.

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I mean, would need more details, what the subject matter is if you’re looking to release in any particular region?
As for the frequent use of the word fairy” pretty much has the same meaning over here although can have homophobic undertones depending on context & of course, education.

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I am assuming by your example that it’s the spelling of such words that concerns you.

I’ll ask my friends in the industry here if they can recommend a contact over there. An agent might be necessary.

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Yes, spelling and some vernacular.
It was my error that I posted when I was so tired.
My book is a fairytale all grown up, you might say.
I rewrote Cinderella with the greatest focus on Prince Charming. Myself and some other mothers were discussing how Disney had a monopoly on children’s stories, and how they had almost all females as the main character, except Aladdin, who is a thief. There was little for boys to pretend play.
I promised to make Prince Charming a fully developed character.
I ended up with much more than a bedtime story.
There is a crowd of fully developed characters, more background of the characters, and I vamp up the fairy godmother a lot.
Disney has done Cinderella to death, and still never gotten it right. I think my story would find a more receptive audience initially somewhere else. If it becomes popular there, then Americans might be more apt to check it out.
It seems people in the UK have similar disdain for the way Disney guts a story, so I think that would be my best choice to debut.
I hope.

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