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Drivers liscence suspended?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) August 21st, 2008 from iPhone

you have to wait one complete year after taking your permit test in order to get your liscence. My permit was recently suspended, so do I have to wait another year after my permit being reinstated. I’ll be 17 by then

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What state do you live in? It depends.

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A mod deleted this the first time it was asked, with good reason. I think it is a spammer.

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it asked me to be more specific dumbass and I live in Georgia

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Some punctuation would be nice, too.

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And spelling…license

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The answer to your question, I would assume that however long you had your permit before it was suspended will be counted towards your year. After your permit is reinstated, the clock should restart from that point. My reasoning is that your permit was suspended temporarily and not canceled outright. So when you get it back, it will be the same permit, not a brand new one.

Call the Georgia DMV though, they should have a definite answer for you. And try not to call people “dumbass” or they won’t want to help you in the future. Good luck

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