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What percentage of the population of your country works nights/evenings?

Asked by flo (12305points) November 30th, 2018

By the way what are the list of workplaces that work in shifts other hospitals, care homes, police, firefighting are the obvious ones but what is list after (or before) those?

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A great deal,I am a night shift truck driver, and Mrs Squeeky works graveyard shift in our local hospital.

A lot of companies have three shifts and work 7 days a week.

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Manufacturing facilities have second and third shifts at many places.

24 hour a day restaurants, gas stations, retail stores (Walmart and others) all have 24 hour a day three shift ops.

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Lots of construction projects, especially on highways, are graveyard shift.

Most restaurants have a nigh shift.

I worked Benin’s (until.11 pm) and graveyard at a hotelack in the late seventies.

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Well, only about 42% of the population works. So we are already below half the population. Of the working population, there might be actual stats for who works off hours, but you can make a guess. Because most people are awake during the day time and are not up all night, most of the service industries are heavily loaded with workers during these times. Restaurants get busy in the evenings, so their staffs have to reflect that. Some businesses are around-the-clock operations. As has been mentioned, Walmart, some industries, hospitals, etc. But from the working population, this isn’t a huge amount. These industries usually have a smaller staff on back shifts because of the needs.
So a total percentage of the population that works nights and evenings is a swag at best. I’d put it somewhere around 10%.

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Britain’s late night workers have increased to 3.2 million or one in eight people in the workforce according to the TUC That’s 12%, not far off the estimate above.

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Most convenience stores and many fast food restaurants have 2nd and 3rd shift. Many day cares have night shifts.

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That’s what I thought, a lot. But people think it’s a much smaller percentage unless they really think about it.
By the way, @seawulf575 would you elaborate the only part in your statement? (“Well, only about 42% of the population works. So we are already below half the population.”) Do you mean of all the people who are capable of working? Or do you mean 58% is either Under 16, + the elderly, + the handicapped, +the sick, etc.?

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Yes, or whatever @flo. The US is about average in the world, with the amount of the population working.

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