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Shall we try out a fresh conspiracy theory and see if it catches on?

Asked by Jeruba (55749points) November 30th, 2018

I offer you this, which so far as I know was made up by me only yesterday:

Trump wants to cancel the meeting with Putin at G20 because he knows it’ll look bad, just as it did in Helsinki. Instead he wants the points he’ll get for looking tough and righteous, especially after the MBS business.

So—“Vlad, I need an excuse to bail on the meeting. Can you help me out here?”

“Sure, Don. How about if I attack some Ukrainian ships and capture some sailors?”

“Thanks, Vlad, that’ll be perfect.”

“Ok, buddy, talk to you soon.”

What do you think?

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Sounds good to me, I don’t trust either one of those two.

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I’m not that far gone with the conspiracy theories, but I do think Trump and Putin have communications between them while to the American public Trump tries to make it look like he’s being tough. Or, maybe I wouldn’t use the word tough, but Trump is not meeting with Putin for very calculated reasons regarding his base. It’s more about Trump’s selfish reasons than America I think.

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Bush refuses to read daily briefings for as long as it takes for a terrorist to attack so that he can dip into social security funding. So he indirectly causes 9/11 2001.

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I rather think Putin suspects Trump is nearing the end. Putin will need to move swiftly, while Trump is in office.

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“Another example of fake news.
So sad, dotdot dotdot”

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Trump changed his mind on this several times. First he is not going, then he is going and then not going again. He is such a colossal jerk that your story is way too sophisticated for what he is capable of.

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Those two will do anything to maintain their force fields.

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I have one….Trump is in collusion with the Russians!

Trump supporters: FACKE NEWS!!!

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I have one, with Trump’s bankruptcies it’s really Putin’s money backing Trump’s projects,making him Putin’s puppet.

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Putin & trump DID meet…it just wasn’t leaked to the press because it wouldn’t benefit trump!!!

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