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Who is the 1st jellyfish to have ever been on Fluther?

Asked by luigirovatti (1712points) December 1st, 2018

As stated.

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If I had to guess by my previous question, Dr. Jelly.

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Ben and Andrew

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Here is the first question on Fluther.

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One jellyfish isn’t a fluther. Even two don’t quite make it so who was the third jellyfish to appear? I think three is the minimum required to make a genuine fluther.

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@flutherother I think the OP stated “on Fluther”, not “in a fluther”.

But I appreciate your distinction nonetheless.

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I’m guessing @peggylou is number 3.

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@flutherother I think Bendrew pulled a fast one on us. There is such word as “fluther,” and a bunch of jelly fish can be called a bloom, or smack, or swarm.

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* no such. * No such word as a “fluther.”

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@Dutchess_III Fluther is definitely a legit word.

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Share your sources with me, please. It may have made its way online after they introduced the word, but regular sources don’t carry it.

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^ is correct.

It is entering English though, currently being used as slang only.

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raum… your link is just to the oxford dictionary.

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You used to be able to Google the word “Vodicille” and get results. It was 100% a made up word. I know because I made it up! I just tried to google it, but it’s been so long it isn’t coming up now.

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