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Do any of you have experience with psoriasis or deep tissue burns?

Asked by KNOWITALL (26111points) December 4th, 2018

If so, what have you used to heal the raw skin patches, similar to a burn?
A family member is struggling with this and has tried many products, few of which work.

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I have No experience with psoriasis. With deep tissue burns, I have known several people who had some success with the juice of a Aloe Vera plant. My first experience with a severe burn & Aloe was a previous boss. He was cutting his grass & the lawn mower cut off He grabbed his screw driver & attempted to remove some cover on it. The screwdriver slipped & the back of his hand ended pinned up against the hot engine cover. He had a real nasty burn & the lady next door to him saw what had happened & ran over with her potted Aloe plant. She broke off a piece of the leaf & began to spread the sap across the burn. The area that she covered was significantly healed by the next day. The spots that she missed around the edges were severely nasty looking. They repeated the process over the next several days & by day 3, you could barely see the initial burn. The spots that were originally missed took a couple extra days to catch up in the healing process!!! Since then I’ve used Aloe myself on any burn. It burns like hell on the initial application but you can almost watch the skin heal under it. I’ve stopped raising Aloe plants now that they sell 100% Aloe Gel in the stores. I keep a pump bottle on the back of my kitchen sink..just in case.

Cindy Lauper has a commercial out now about treating psoriasis. I don’t know how well it works; but I think I’d be experimenting with it until I knew it didn’t work!!!

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@LadyMarissa Thanks, I will let her know. :)

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People say sunlight is helpful. Also, vitamin D, which go hand in hand, but vitamin D alone maybe is helpful too. You might have her do some googling about that. Probably her doctor tests her for vitamin D, maybe if her numbers are low or even low normal, she can try increasing her D intake a little. I think it’s not only the D from sunlight, but other properties in the UV rays, but of course sunlight has negatives too, and some people with psoriasis are sensitive to the sun.

There are drugs of course. I think there is a new one? Tremfya?? Ugh, I’m not sure of the spelling. Humira has been around for a while.

I don’t know any home remedies, I wish I did.

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@JLeslie She’s tried almost everything, it’s mostly the creases under the breast and around the thigh area, just raw and painful. We’ve tried CBD oil, prescriptions, etc…

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@KNOWITALL Is there any possibility it’s an infection? I would try antifungals. If it doesn’t work I would try a topical antibiotic, but it would need to be one of the prescription antibiotics like flagyl or clinds I think. She may have tried all this I am suggesting. For antifungal she can try the vaginal antifungals unless there is some sort of serious contradiction fir putting it on psoriasis if that diagnosis is actually right.

Has she had it checked by more than one doctor? More than one doctor diagnosed it as psoriasis?

I have a relative who was diagnosed by an idiot doctor as having a fungal infection on their feet when it was a very bad case of plantars warts. You’ve probably heard me tell that whole story before.

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Okay this is off the wall but might she be allergic to latex !

Bras and panties have elastic with latex content.

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^^I’m allergic to latex, it don’t have problems with bras and panties. I’m not trying to dismiss your idea, I’m just stating my experience.

Under breasts and thighs are common places for infections.

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@JLeslie Due to the pain, she went to doc yesterday and she has a form of strep, so it is an infection. Good call!

She said Cyndi Laupers injections had no benefit. And yes, its definately psoriasis, she’ll probably go back on Remicaid since its the only med that seems to work.

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I would not use the remicade until after trying the antibiotics. I’m not a doctor, this is just what I would do personally. There shouldn’t be a need for immunosuppressants if the antibiotic kills the infection.

She should be careful in general to keep the areas dry and not rubbing. When she showers she needs to make sure she dries under her breasts well. Keep her breasts up and supported.

Wear slacks to keep her thighs from touching skin to skin. If she has to wear skirts for work or church or whatever, she should buy split slips that protect her thighs, or if it’s cold out she can even wear leggings or long bicycle shorts under her skirts.

To sleep she should also be wearing pajama bottoms long enough to keep her thighs from touching.

I have serious doubts she has psoriasis. But, again, I’m not a doctor.

She can maybe use a little topical cortisone for a few days with the antibiotic for some faster relief, maybe ask the doctor about that.

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I just found this link. I think it could be very helpful. I suggest reading through all the different infections. One specifically talks about “burn” but a couple of others I think might fit also.

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@JLeslie Just fyi, after today’s appt, one doc thinks it’s strep, the other thinks it’s fungal. smh

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Lol. That’s what I said, fungal or strep. Or, maybe I didn’t say strep, but that’s a common skin infection on areas of the body that are hot. My sister used to get impetigo on the back of her neck when she was little. That’s either strep or staph I think.

See, I should be charging for my services. :) Don’t tell the jellies who always hate me for answering medical Q’s. I don’t think they are on this Q thank goodness.

A little voodoo in the treatment a doctor used to tell me. He meant guesswork. Try one thing, if it doesn’t work try the other.

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@JLeslie We’re going to try the Aloe Vera plant, too. Should reduce the pain and inflammation until they figure it out, plus the antibiotics.

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I have nothing against aloe Vera, just make sure it doesn’t reduce the actual drugs getting to the infection. Adding more gels can dilute.

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@JLeslie The doc wants her to stay on the Cosentyx for a while longer, she wants back on Remicaid, so we’ll see. Yes, I told her just to try aloe on a small portion on another part of her body.

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The aloe won’t cure an infection. The Remicaid is an immunosuppressant, which means it will dampen her body’s ability to fight infection. This is the problem with giving immunosuppressants and pain relievers to treat infections, it will reduce the body’s reaction, but not cure the problem, and can even make it worse in the long term.

It would be like giving you prednisone and narcotics for strep throat. Bad medicine.

I did suggest a little topical cortisone for some relief, but I would check with the doctor. There are creams that are combination antifungal and cortisone. That is if she has a fungal infection.

Has she started trying an antibacterial or antifungal cream yet? I was thinking she could try one on her breasts and the other in her thighs if she can spend the money on both. Hopefully, start getting relief in one spot within days, and then use what’s working on the other spot.

Does she get relief when she sits in a bath?

Oh, also some soaps might make it worse. Bar soaps especially. She could try liquid baby soap.

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@JLeslie The doc and dermatologist have tried everything over 20 years. If the problem areas heal, she can deal with anything else. Really hurts she said.

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I have no doubt it hurts very badly. I know what it’s like to be in chronic pain for years, it changes who you are in some ways. I feel really bad for her. It sucks when modern medicine can’t seem to figure out the problem and fix it.

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How is your girlfriend doing? Did she get some relief?

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@JLeslie Yes, she found some cream from the dermatologist that works great. I’m sooooo happy for her!!! Thanks for asking!

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That’s great!

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