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Will a trained guard dog choose loyalty or call of the nature?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) December 11th, 2018

Suppose that a male dog named “Max” has been professionally trained by his owner to attack any creature that step foot in the yard, except the owner himself. Max has proven this for a long time as he keeps on attacking any creature that got in to the yard without fail. Max is an intact male, and one challenge that has never presented itself to Max is the presence of an Intact female dog.

Suppose there’s a female dog that has been trained professionally by her owner to lure male dog in to bushes where a trap has been set. She will always do her mission while she’s in heat. Let’s just call her “Lola”. Lola will approach a male dog, let him come closer for a sniff, and before he can mount her she’ll move (with owner’s instruction if needed) to a different spot as close to the designated bushes as possible and repeat the tactic until the target is finally captured in the bushes. Finally, today her target is “Max”, notorious for his aggressivenes and attacks, despite that, Lola still match on the yard, her owner believe that even a trained intact male dog cannot resist the call of the nature. Max and Lola are about the same size. Lola step her paws in to yard, ready for her mission…

What would most likely happen to them? Can she lure him out of the yard and in to the bushes? Or will he able to resist the call of nature and attack her regardless? Will Mother Nature’s design always overwrite a dog’s loyalty to his owner? Who would you bet your money on?

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Now it’s female dog-as-temptress? What’s going on?

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My guess is they’ll eat spaghetti, till they both set their snouts in the last string, and come to kiss each other.

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A properly trained male will be loyal & ignore a female in season. Dogs trained as K9’s for the police department stay focused on the job at hand. Never heard of a K9 chasing a suspect stopping mid chase to mount a temptress female. Nope, they continue until they subdue their actual prey!!!

Guard dogs are trained to be guard dogs. Their behavior is a function of genetics (or instinct), environment, & training. Genetics is a huge consideration in the training of a K9 & most guard dogs. Dogs have the instinct to be loyal to their owner at ALL cost!!!

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@LadyMarissa I’m sure those K9 dogs have been neutered. In this scenario the male dog is intact, thus the influence of sexual hormone could still drive him crazy given the right situation. The same could be said for guard dogs. Also, I’m sure the chance of those dogs meeting a female in heat is slim given that it’s popular for owners to neuter their pets, or leave their gals at home if unneutered and it’s in season so these K9 regular reputation cannot be ascertained for sure in this particular scenario.

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No, @Unofficial_Member, those trained guard dogs have not necessarily been neutered. Usually they are trained and conditioned to resist the pheromones of females in heat so they won’t be susceptible.

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Training will win. All owners should have control of their animals via command or it’s not a fully trained animal.

I’ve called my dogs off possums, rabbits, and the neighbor dog in heat, etc…there can be no hesitation in obeying commands, their lives or someone else’s could be at stake.

Interesting story. I found a male intact bully in town and he kept trying to go onto the Interstate. I tried and tried to catch him, then my vet friend stopped to help, nothing we did worked for over an hour-not food, nothing. I got frustrated and screamed “SIT DOWN!!!” and the dog instantly obeyed. That saved his life and showed good training.

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I wonder if you could force an intelligent female to submit whether she wanted to or not?

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Well Dakota certainly thinks for herself.

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