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What are your likes, and dislikes, about air transportation?

Asked by rebbel (28641points) December 15th, 2018

More specific: what do you like about being in an airplane?
What do you dislike, maybe hate even?

I like the “launch”!
I dislike the flight attendants blocking the corridors, half the time of the flight.
I ‘hate’ passengers that don’t consider that the seat in front of them houses another passenger…


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Likes – It gets you there.

Dislikes – Everything else.

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I love the speed, the view and the technical coolness of airplanes.

I hate the cost, the security screenings, the likelihood of getting sick, layovers, missed flights, getting bumped from seats, not having your own transportation, rude people, prolonged uncomfortable sitting and generally being packed in like a sardine with little or no control during the course of the flight.

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Air transportation?

I like the way it flies about without a care in the world.

And after the rain you can feel it refreshing, just the thing in the holiday season.

Sure there’s the occasional stink but all my hopes ride on air.

Let’s share it around.

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My airplane journeys are usually relaxed and filled with pleasant anticipation. I like the views of the world passing by below. The flight attendants are never a problem for me, they are always charming and helpful and only pass up and down the aisles to make sure the passengers are OK.

I don’t like:
1. Going through security.
2. Being held up when boarding by passengers looking for their seats and trying to stuff oversize luggage into the overhead bays.
3. The crying child that appears on every flight.
4. The monotonous drone of the plane that makes it difficult to hear music.
5. The built in touch screens that don’t work.
6. Dropping things that you then can’t find.
7. Going to the toilet and having to queue.
8. Not being able to stretch my legs.
9. Looking for the luggage carousel and waiting for my suitcase to appear.
10. The long walks to and from the gates.
11. Arriving, and still being 15 miles from my destination.

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See @ARE_you_kidding_me above
Ditto all that.

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I like that it’s a faster and more convenient alternative to travel to faraway country. I don’t like flight delay and cancellation, especially when it happens so sudden. I don’t like that you have to buy the food that’s being advertised by flight attendants during the flight, I prefer the food to be free and available for all passenger.

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I like it all. I can’t think of any thing I don’t like, because I’ve never had a bad seat mate or anything. It gets a little cramped, but that’s tolerable.

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I don’t like any of it. I have several phobias that are compounded by flying: fear of heights, fear of dropping/falling, fear of not being able to get to the bathroom on time.

On top of that, I don’t like being in cramped spaces, and I don’t like having to bother people to get up or move around, or simply to get out of the seat or aisle.

I can’t bear to listen to screaming children.

Everything takes too long, from standing in line to board, to simply getting on the plane and stowing luggage, to getting off the plane, to waiting for baggage at the carousel.

I don’t like to do my business in tiny, cramped bathrooms, especially when there is pressure do to a line of other people waiting to use the bathroom.

Airplanes are notorious places to pick up germs.

Air travel is very expensive.

I don’t like the idea of being trapped, and not in control. At least on a bus, or a train, if you make a fuss they will let you get off. You can’t do that on a plane. Yes, they can arrest you at the end of the flight, but you still can’t get off immediately.

Jet lag ruins a whole day.

Other than that, it’s great.

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One air travel “hack” I have learned is always volunteer for the escape isle. There is about 3x the leg room and you can fully stretch out.

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I like to sneak those little shot bottles of alcohol in and get buzzed on the plane to make it more tolerable.

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I try to get a window seat, because it still feels like magic to me that we can fly. I built a lot of model airplanes as a kid, and I still get the same kick out just looking at planes. The speedy look, the engines, the flaps moving and the wings flexing.

The seats are a bit cramped. Sitting isn’t bad, but any moving around is. I carry a messenger bag and just retrieving stuff from it under the seat ahead is a contortion.

I flew every two weeks for work, for about a year, and even then didn’t get tired of it.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me The exit row seats are now called Economy Plus and you pay more to sit in them – at least on United!

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I just flew today.

Likes: it is safe, people are generally friendly, and my bags arrived with me.

Dislikes: standing in the security line for 40 minutes and then waiting in another line to get on the plane.

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I love helicopters, seriously, the look, the sound, the vertical take off & landing…I want one.
I loathe aeroplanes & children should be seated on the wings as a matter of course.

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Like: It gets you where you are going pretty quickly, especially over long distances. You can drink while you travel. Looking down at the clouds is always fun.

Dislikes: It costs a bunch of money. Most airlines have a bunch of layovers on most trips. This can lead to hours of time wasted in airport terminals. I don’t like flying coach as most airlines have packed in extra seats which means less leg and arm room. Turbulence.

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