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When you say "When I was a kid...", what is the oldest you could be, and still be talking about when you were a kid.

Asked by josie (29298points) December 15th, 2018

Not “when I was a child” since I am pretty sure that is a short span for everybody.

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Any age below the legal age of drinking, so below 18.

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In my mind, under 13. After that it becomes…when I was a teen…or when I was a young adult.

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12, a kid.
16, a boy.

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Being a “kid” for me relates to some pretty specific experiences in my life from age 10 to 15. Both those ages held big changes in my status quo and that time in between was troubling.

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I usually mean below 15.

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Gosh. It kind of depends on the context, but mostly below 13.

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Kid usually under 13, but I don’t think it’s odd to use it up to 18, I probably have. I use “little” or “child” for elementary age. I usually use teenager for teenage years. Sometimes I specify younger teen or older teen.

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I guess I mean before high school. Otherwise I say “when I was in high school” or for after that, “when I was in college”. “Kid” refers to before that.

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Whenever I recount stories of my childhood to my kids the vast majority of the time i’m speaking of memories from when I was 12.
Packed a whole helluva load of life into that year, weird it works that way though.

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I had a friend in her 80’s who popped off one day_“The kids now days aren’t worth a crap”. I was in my 30’s at the time & took offense to her comment. When I voiced my objection, she laughed & said _“I meant the kids in their 60’s”

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Funny, but your question makes me realize I mean something different for myself than for others.
In refering to myself, probably sixteen and younger.
When speaking of others I could mean up to thirty.

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My smart-alecky response would be, “I don’t know any kids,” and “I never was a kid.” When my own children were small, I made it very clear, when necessary, that I had no kids. Kids are goats. I had children. I felt like they deserved that respect.

Although I have children—two of my own and two stepchildren—all in their forties, I struggle with calling them my “children.” They are responsible adults. with children of their own.

So I never was a kid. When I speak of being a child, I was a child until I was a teen. From being a teen, I became a woman. I’ve never been much of a lady. :D

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^ I believe that every woman knows how to be a lady; but NOT every lady knows how to be a woman!!!

Welcome to Fluther!!!

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Hee-hee, LadyMarissa!

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