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A bank and coffee shop in one, what do you think?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26678points) December 16th, 2018 from iPhone

Just saw a Peet’s Coffee Shop and Capital One Bank operating on the same floor and physically merged together. Looked weird to me.

Could there be more of this physical merging of two different businesses in the future?

What other potential combinations could there be?

Car wash and coffee shop?

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Dutch ‘coffee shop’ and Cat Café

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Shoe store and dance studio?

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I have seen a laundromat/coffee shop combo, seemed like a good plan.

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The Capital One/Peet’s combo near my office is great! I went in for some help setting up my account, and they got me a free cappuccino while we set the app up!

Other good combos- indoor climbing gym and chiropractic service.

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Coffee shop or library and a Verizon store.

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There’s a cafe/laundromat here called Brainwash that’s hugely popular and been operating for 25–30 years.

Whoops. The wife just sent me to an article informing me that the place recently shut down after 28 years in business. Seems revenue was tumbling as the neighborhood succumbed to trendy overpriced condo construction. Looks like the owner was able to sell the building for better than 4.5 million bucks.

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Gym and Vegetarian Cafe

Coffee Cafe and Craft Store

Laundromat and Pizza Restaurant

Dry Cleaners and Chinese Takeout Restaurant

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A brothel and a church?

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Real estate Agent and Lawyer and Mortgage Broker and Another Lawyer and Bank and Another Lawyer and Debt Collector and Another Lawyer and Police Station and Another Lawyer and Divorce Court and Another Lawyer and a Charity.

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Optometrist/ Laundromat/ Coffee/ Marijuana : Sign out the front: Dri- Drier- Driest- Dried

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We could move a prison into the White House.

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^^Funny you mentioned that. Was there outside in front of the WH last Saturday ( very rainy ) and it was an ugly sight with so many fences and barricades keeping people away.

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D’ya think Mexico paid for all them fences @mazingerz88?

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