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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most beautiful and gorgeous person you can imagine, and 1 being the most hideous man/woman alive....would you rather be a 9 or be a 2 but have the power to teleport anywhere in the world?

Asked by rskaletz (81points) August 22nd, 2008

self explanatory

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more numbers!! :(

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2. teleportation is cool. beauty is in the eye of the beholder….and also doesn’t last. knowledge over beauty any day.

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Teleportation isn’t knowledge…however you need more options. It should be a 2 with tele or 9 with ageless beauty or something.

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I’d take the 9. I’m cool with transporting myself where I need to go. And what the hell, PnL? Just because you have the power to teleport doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart, it just means you can teleport.

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I have a feeling that if I were a 9, that might be my ticket to anywhere in the world.

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I’d say I’d prefer More Cowbell !! and good looking

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harp : good thinking. though i imagine the Q is more of a either this OR that thing, because it wouldn’t make much sense if you could accomplish both by choosing one option.

allie: i’ll admit i read the Q pretty fast (once i realize it’s just one of those hypothetical ones…my interest/attention span decreases significantly). BUT, if i could teleport to places, i would probably gain more knowledge since i would be able to learn about more cultures etc.

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I’d rather be a 2 and be able to teleport. See because I can just teleport inside a bank, grab the cash, get plastic surgery and look like joan rivers! Best of both worlds!

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I’m right about at a 2 anyway, so I can deal with that. It’d be cool to be able to teleport, as well.

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By the way, today I saw a 1! (1 being the most ugly person I can imagine.) Actually, she was worse than anything I could have ever imagined before seeing her. She worked at the Waffle House. She was probably 70 years old, and her face was literally drooping off of her bones. The sag from her skin extended at least three inches below her jaw line. She had more than 500 thick, dark wrinkles, and her mouth was drooping so much that it looked like she wore a permanent frown. The skin around her eyes was also drooping down so much… She had a gigantic wart on her nose and just looked completely nasty.

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Since I’m not that interested in teleporting around, I’d go with the 9. Now, if it were the ability to fly…I might have to rethink that!

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A 2 and teleport. Someone will love me for my rockin personality and mad teleportation skills. :)

@gOs: that’s sad. :(

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Sign me up as a teleportin’ 2.

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I’d take the 2 with teleporting. It could be handy in an intructional way. Trouble in the Sudan—zip there and see first hand. Where’s Bin Laden? zip there! My teleporter would be ‘event specific,’ not directional. Too cool

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I’d go with 2, then teleport myself to the best plastic surgeon in the world.

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