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If Germany attacked France again (as in WW-I and WW-2) would Great Britain and the US help France?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25725points) January 3rd, 2019

Yes, the NATO agreement says that we should, but would the US and Great Britain actually help out?

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We’d better if we want to maintain our defensive trustworthiness with the rest of NATO.

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Yes I expect so… well but the problem with this hypothetical question is that the answer depends on the political context, and the actual political context would have to change an awful lot to explain why Germany would attack France, which would tend to mean many other political details would also change along with it.

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Great Britain would wait to see the American reaction, and then formulate a response…

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Despite the animosity between the French and the English they do share a lot of history. I would suspect that at this point in time they would step in on the side of France, particularly since it is Germany that is being the hard-ass in the Brexit, so called, deal,.

The US would be more problematic at this point in time. While Congress would, for the most part, want to honor its agreements, because of the present power structure we would have to get our directive from Putin before making a commitment. And given the probable power vacuum a major European conflict would create, one that Russia would be happy to exploit, that could go either way. But, then again, if there were nukes being slung around Russia would probably not want US ones thrown into the fray.

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The hypothetical is so “out there” that it is tough to answer.
Everything depends on context.
What are the circumstances that lead to the attack? The German nationalism that led to two world wars was based on two factors no longer relevant-The unification of a confederation into a greater Germany, and the re establishment of liberal values instead of Prussian authoritarianism.
I don’t believe Alsace and Lorraine are still an issue between Germany and France.
Germany no longer owes impossible war reparations.

In my opinion;

If Germany harbors some post World War II frustrations that could lead to war, it has more to do with Poland’s borders and Konigsberg, and not France. If anything about the hypothetical might emerge, it would probably be a movement to the East, not the West.

Plus, to be honest, it is unlikely that anybody is going to wage the kind of war where armored divisions sweep across broad chunks of territory. Nobody has that kind of money these days, and most of the liberal democracies do not have an electorate that would stand for it unless there was a perceived security threat. The real threats now are cyber attacks on markets and defense systems.

Finally, if Germany decided to become aggressive, the NATO allies would convene and discuss what the ramifications would be if it became a problem. The answer to your question would emerge before it happened.

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I think Great Britain would but the USA is in such an isolationist state, I don’t think they would.

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That was the logic behind taking so long to enter WWII @janbb. The allies were begging for our help and we just kept saying “It doesn’t affect us so it’s not a problem. Leave us alone.”
I would hope we’d never make that same humanitarian mistake again.

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Part of the reason why I am a neoliberal globalist is that with globalization and trade agreements the world is now very interconnected. Many many thing would have to go wrong for that even to begin to happen.

First, there would need to be an influx of immigrants to central Europe increasing xenophobia and nationalism

Second, Britain would have to pull out of European trade agreements and increase isolationism

Third, the United States would have to have a government that would increase tarrifs, increase nationalism, and decrease its stature and influence on the world stage, letting Russia, China and the like increase in domininance.

Oh…wait a minute…

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Agree with @josie, but yes, they would.

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There is no reasonable answer to such a question without an explanation as to why Germany is attacking France. My guess is the likelihood of our defending France is probably equal to the probability of Germany attacking France in the first place.

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The current state is that a lot of Bundeswehr machinery is not combat worthy.
And they also have difficulty finding recruits, so they recently floated the idea of recruiting people from other EU countries.

A tremendously more probably scenario and question is, would NATO respond, if the colonies were to invade Canada?

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@ragingloli Oh, that could be tricky. Then we’d have to team up with Russia, since they’ve said they’d disrupt the Canada 2019 elections.

But Canada talked the British into burning the WH, so why not, we owe them one. haha, sorry @SQUEEKY.

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The question assumes France would need help, Germany are quite the spent force & would be easily dealt with by the majority of European countries.
Besides, even the bloody French couldn’t be that fucking crap at defending themselves again.

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@ucme How is Germany spent? Without studying the details, it looks like their budget and total military personnel are roughly on par with France, no?

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