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Is there a way to "resend" a message in gmail?

Asked by andrew (16353points) August 22nd, 2008

This is perhaps the only feature I miss from outlook. Is there any way to resend an email, say, if there’s a failure to deliver?

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1. Click send
If fail, repeat step 1 until win.

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How do you mean? Do you mean automatically? Or do you mean go find the email and resend it manually? The latter I presume you would either find the email in ‘Sent Mail’ or in ‘Drafts’, as for the former I don’t know.

@Magnus. Win.

Plus you have 666 lurve. So I’m not going to GA you sadly. Not yet anyway.

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I know I have 666 lurve! I’m religious, it’s horrible. Andrew, can you work on a script that makes you skip 666 lurve!?

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No, I’m talking about a message that has already been sent. In order to “resend” it, you have to copy-paste it (or forward or reply and start futzing around with indentation and subject lines).

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I suppose another title for this question would be “Can you edit an email you’ve already sent in gmail?”

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Just go in your outbox and find the mail, forward it to the same address…

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I was about to suggest forwarding it as GMail doesn’t seem to have a resend feature.

If you’re going to miss out 666, surely you would have to miss out 13 as well!

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13 is cool, ok Andy, how about 666 makes you have 665 instead? Go’head and steal a lurve from me… if you like.

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Let’s see how long s/he can stand it.

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The only way to resend a message on Gmail (as far as i know), is go to “Sent Mail”, find that email, forward it to the same person, but remove the——Forwarded Message—- From: Andrew etc etc paragraph. it’s not the most efficient method, but it’s not horrible either.

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I just looked for this answer (Thank to those who put it here) and tried it. Doing so, and for my own needs; yes Forward seems to be the key. But when you forward a sent msg you’ll loose all your contacts (for me in the bcc) field. In this case it seems smart to open your sent msg then go to “Show details” and copy ONLY your contacts showing there. Then go to “forward” and paste them in the field you want.
My need for this was an email I sent to 50 people but the link in the body did not follow so I had to resend it a more difficult way.

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