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What do you cover the roof of your mouth with to test if you need it for tasting?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 6th, 2019

Is it true you need the roof of your mouth? I think I read it here in Fluther. I never feel the burn of hot pepper or saltiness of potato chips etc. on the roof of my mouth.

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Something tasteless.
Plastic wrap?

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Good idea @rebbel I thought so too.

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Well, I did the test thing with salt and sugar. I simply kept my tongue away from the roof of my mouth. It was hard because it’s such a habit to bring the food up with your tongue, first thing.

The plastic wrap idea kind of scares me. Sure as hell I’d swallow it, almost involuntarily. Swallowing is another huge part of eating.

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Just cut a meter of the stuff and let the longest part hang out of your mouth.
If you swallow the piece that’s in your mouth you can pull it back out.

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Better yet, cut enough to hang out the side and tape it to to your cheeks. I’m just trying to keep @flo alive, dude! Death by Saran wrap

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We used Q-tips dipped in various solutions for taste test experiments in high school. That way we could place the solution exactly where we wanted to test.

Maybe you want to pinch your nose during testing? Your nose is a much stronger factor in tasting than the roof of your mouth.

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So, roof of mouth? and nose and tongue are involved in tasting not just the tongue as we Are the text books are saying that nowwadays?

Good points @rebbel and @RocketGuy

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