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What do you think about a single blue fin tuna selling for $3.1 million in Japan?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28706points) January 7th, 2019 from iPhone

Why do these restaurant owners pay so much money for a single fish? Is it simply for marketing purposes and prestige for their brand?

Also wondering how much they price this 3.1 million bucks fish in the restaurant.

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I don’t know about this case, but in the Netherlands, every new herring season, the first bucket full of herrings is auctioned off as well, and there the money being paid by the restaurant is going to charity.
The restaurant had publicity out of it.

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It better taste exemplary. Or they could harvest its DNA and grow in a fish farm.

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No accounting for taste.

But look, this is a capitalist world. If a seller and a buyer can reach a deal, who cares about a $3 million $$ fish.

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I think it is cray cray to pay tha much, although the Japanese have hunted them almost to extinction, so no wonder the price has gone up.

But the Japanese also eat fugu, so go figure.

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^^I really want to try and have a taste of that fish just to know what the fuss is all about risking getting poisoned by it.

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I think some people have more money than sense.

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I read that the guy who won the auction did not expect it to go over 500k and was a little regretfull paying that much. Even 500k for a single fish though…

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